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Rigor Vitalis[edit]

Contracting Rigor Vitalis[edit]

The disease can be extracted from a sexually desecrated corpse within 12 hours of death. Additionally, it can be contracted by having sex with a corpse that is undergoing Rigor Mortis within 12 hours of their death. It is known as the "Necrophile's Punishment" in smaller communities.


Stage 1: The affected individual complains of a burning sensation in their joints. Each day, their Constitution decreases by 1. After three days, their legs and arms will begin to feel slightly wobbly. After one full week, progresses to stage two.

Stage 2: The character's endurance continues to drop each day until it reaches 3. The character has disadvantages on Strength and Dexterity checks. Their walking speed is reduced by 10. Once their Endurance reaches 3, their Strength and Dexterity scores begin to drop by 1 each day. Their Strength and Dexterity scores continue to drop until they reach 3. At this point, stage 3 begins.

Stage 3: The character's walking speed is reduced to 5 feet. They are unable to make attack rolls, take bonus actions, or reactions involving physical attacks or movement. All physical attack rolls against them have advantage.


Rigor Vitalis can be cured by submerging the affected in liquid Aloe and using lesser restoration.

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