Abyssal Flames (5e Disease)

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Abyssal flames[edit]

Contracting Abyssal flames[edit]

When you are in the nine hells or the abyss, when ever you take damage from a creature that is from that plane and is there, you must roll a DC 18 constitution or be infected with this disease


At the beginning of every turn, you will take 4d8 fire damage and 2d12 necrotic damage that cannot be avoided. You must roll a DC 15 constitution. If you succeed, you just take the normal damage, if you fail, that damage just decreases your maximum hitpoints by half the damage dealt. If this reaches zero, your character dies and cannot be revived as its soul is destroyed.


Abyssal flames lasts until either you touch holy water, get cast with greater restoration spell or a wish ends the effects. Or until you die or your soul is consumed.

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