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Sigma Virus[edit]

Contracting the Sigma Virus[edit]

The Sigma Virus is an extension of Sigma's DNA Soul. Only creatures with the Construct type applied to them can contract this disease. The Sigma Virus can be occasionally be contracted when fighting a Construct infected with it (see below), or, more commonly, from Sigma himself. The virus can also be applied to computer software on almost any device or program, in which case any Constructs interacting with said programs will contract it. A huge program or device infected, if destroyed, can spread the virus on a continental level.


Stage 1 (seconds after infection): The victim begins to experience strong headaches, and usually begin clutching their head. If they roll a successful DC 12 Intelligence (Arcana) or Wisdom (Insight) check, they (and all other nearby creatures) will become aware that the victim is afflicted with the Sigma Virus. This roll automatically fails if the victim (and none of its accomplices) know what the Sigma Virus is or that it exists.

Stage 2 (2-5 minutes after infection): The victim begins to succumb to Sigma's nature, and they (if they succeeded on one of the above checks,) are aware of this, but cannot resist it. Their temper begins to heat, and they tend to act without thinking. Their alignment becomes Chaotic Neutral, if it wasn't already. When the disease is removed, their alignment changes back to what it was.

Stage 3 (15-30 minutes after infection): Sigma's grip on the victim begins to tighten. The victim becomes hostile to any enemies of Sigma (your DM decides who these include), regardless of any previous bonds. Additionally, the color of their irises (if they have eyes or cameras that include them) becomes either red or purple. This is the virus's only visual cue, all else is behavioral. The headaches caused by stage 1 (see above) are no longer noticeable.

Stage 4 (30-45 minutes after infection): The virus begins to sear the conscious of the victim. Roll a d4. The victim gain one of the following behavioral disorders, depending on what result was rolled:

d4 result Behavioral disorder
1 Wrathful. The victim's hatreds are multiplied exponentially, and anything the previously disliked, even a little bit, sets them into a violent rage, especially Sigma's enemies (see above).
2 Prideful. The victim's opinions on life itself are diminished, and they see all things as inferior. The victim becomes hostile towards all living creatures, and violently so towards Sigma's enemies (see above).
3 Judgmental. The victim refuses to believe that they are infected with the Sigma Virus (even if they succeeded in identifying it before, see above), and will become violent towards anyone who even mentions the virus and the victim in the same sentence. In spite of this, they become hostile towards anyone who is not infected with the virus, and violently so towards Sigma's enemies (see above).
4 Amnesic. The victim begins to forget who they once were (and who their friends and family are) before infection. They remember their own name, but they loose their personality, and become paranoid and hostile around others. They become violent against Sigma's enemies (see above), even if they do not remember who they are.

Stage 5 (1-2 hours after infection): Sigma's will begins directly influencing the victim's actions. At any given time, Sigma can send the victim a telepathic message that only they can hear, commanding them to do something (usually attacking and killing a target). The victim must make a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw. On a failed save, they follow Sigma's directions, and on a successful save, they forget all about the telepathic message. There is no limit as to how many telepathic commands Sigma can send the virus's victims. However, if you are on a different plane of existence, the victim cannot receive these commands. Additionally, their alignment becomes Chaotic Evil, rather than Chaotic Neutral (see above). This, too, returns to the victim's original alignment if the disease is removed.

Stage 6 (2-4 hours after infection): The full effect of the Sigma Virus is in motion, and the victim is not their own self anymore. Roll another d4. On an odd-numbered result (a 1 or a 3), the victim becomes an insanely violent monster, wishing to attack and kill any creature that crosses their path. They loose the ability to speak or understand any languages they once knew. However, they can still understand any telepathic commands Sigma sends them (see above). On an even numbered result (a 2 or a 4), the victim become's Sigma's puppet. They no longer make any saves when he sends them a telepathic command, and they will mindlessly follow any they receive. Regardless of what they rolled, the victim is now capable of spreading the Sigma Virus to other Constructs. In order to do so, the current victim must make a melee attack. The target of this attack must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or be infected by the disease.


The most conventional form of cure for the Sigma Virus is being cleansed by the Mother Elf. Otherwise, the disease can only be cured if the afflicted Construct is killed or destroyed. A Wish spell or a Greater Restoration spell cast with a level slot of 8 or higher will also do the trick, without the need for bloodshed.

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