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Soot Skin[edit]

Contracting Soot Skin[edit]

To contract Soot Skin, one must come into direct physical contact with the soot or ash of an infected individual. Having a layer of clothing to protect your skin can just be enough to save you.


Stage 1: Soot Skin typically goes unnoticed for the first stage, where it's detrimental effects are minor. It is included but not limited to: small patches of peeling skin at the hands or feet. A lower sensitivity to temperature. A light tingling sensation when gripping at the point of contact. This lasts three days after contraction.

Stage 2: At stage two, the onset of having Soot Skin starts to set in. A thin layer of soot can be noticed around the hands and feet of the host. This is a fine layer, easily wiped away by simply holding things. This however is a warning sign, that one should see a physician before it is too late. People at this stage experience even lower temperature sensitivity. A tingling sensation at all of the hands and feet. And peeled skin that flakes rather than slip smoothly. This lasts one day. You lose 1% of your health as the soot replaces your skin.

Stage 3: At stage three, it becomes clear that you have contracted Soot Skin. All of your skin has a thin layer of soot. This soot is highly contagious, and can infect others simply by contact. If not controlled, this disease can ravage the host. At this stage the host has no sensation of temperature. The peeled skin falls and crumbles into infectious ash. The tingling feeling spreads to the rest of the body, and the tingling at the hands and feet turns to a stabbing pins and needles pain. You lose 5% of your health as the soot replaces your skin, and significant skin has been peeled. This lasts three days.

Stage 4: Stage four hosts are the least likely to live, this is the transition from being a mobile carrier, to becoming a dead transmitter. Once you are at this stage, you gain disadvantage on constitution rolls. You entire outer layer of skin has been replaced with ash, and a thinner layer of soot eats away at the final layers of your skin. You feel an all encompassing pins and needles sensation, but no sense of touch or temperature. You 5% of your health, and an additional 5% of your health becomes temporary hit points. This stage lasts six days, for once it completes, your life will have ended.


Soot Skin can be cured with greater restoration but only by a caster that has inflicted been inflicted a burn within the last 24 hours. Another method of curing this disease is to undergo a painful procedure where the host becomes skinned alive, removing the outermost layer or all layers of skin, and then apply strong liquor to all exposed flesh to disinfect. This procedure only works because the disease has another unusual property. It makes you able to survive having your skin peeled off, although it will still be horrifically painful and unsanitary.

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