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Morph Fever[edit]

Contracting Morph Fever[edit]

Morph Fever can only be contracted from magical means. When a creature is polymorphed or otherwise shapeshifted, unless they are using Druids Wild Shape Ability, more than once in a day, roll a 1d20 + amount of times they have shapeshifted. If the result is over 20, they must make a DC 15 Con save or become infected. Each time they attempt shapeshifting again, roll another 1d20, and of the victim must make another save, the DC is increased by 1.

Also, a creature can be affected by this disease if a certain magic item or spell says so.


Effects of this disease manifest after 4d20 + 1 hours. The effects can be very, very varying. It always starts with something small. The effect mimic a certain animal, the one the creature polymorphs into the most out of them, or dictated by the magic effect.

Stage 1: After the time has passed, the creature enters stage 1. Roll a 1d4, or choose an effect below.

1: The creature breaks out in rashes. Their skin tightens, and they have Disadvantage on all Rolls for 1d12 hours. Over this time, their skin grows and changes to become furry, scaled, leather-like, and or colored differently, depending on the animal used.

2: The creatures head begins to fill with pain. For 1d6 hours, they cannot hold concentration. Also, every time they do anything, there is a 10 percent chance that they fall prone from surges of pain. Over the time, their ears grow into a new shape, matching the animal used. If the animal has horns, the creatures skull splits to make holes for them, and the skin rips open, but no horns grow.

3: The creatures mouth fills with pain. They cannot vocalize for 1d20 hours. Over the time, their vocal cords shift to match the animals.

4: If the animal has a tail, the creature has immense pain in their coccyx. They cannot sit. The bone around their extends, breaking free of the skin, over a 1d8 hour time. If not, roll on the other transformations table.

After the time, roll again or choose again 2d20 hours later. Reroll on any used effects. Once all effects have been used, move on to stage 2.

Stage 2: The creature begins to really transform to a hybrid of the animal. Every 2d20 hours, roll on the other transformations table. The effect happens fully over 1d20 hours. Also, every 1d20 hours, roll on the table, and the effect happens halfway over 1d12 hours. Reroll any used effects, and complete any half effects rolled. After 8 effects have been used (half counts as .5), the disease ends, but all effects remain.

Other transformations (all effects mimic the animal).


1: The creature grows a tail out of the exposed bone at the coccyx, or if it is not exposed, nothing happens.

2: The creatures face stretches and pulls to form a mimic of the animals face.

3: The creature begins to change size, in order to match the animal. This effect must be used twice, each time used fully does half of the size.

4: The creatures teeth grow and change to form the animals.

5: The creatures hands and feet change shape to match the animals, and grow claws if necessary.

6: The creature grows one extension of the body it doesn’t have of the animal, such as wings, an abdomen, or an extra limb. Can be repeated unless all extra extensions have been grown.

7: Same as 6.

8: Same as 6.

9: The creatures organs change to match the animals. This will make them an herbivore or carnivore if required.

10: The creatures spine will change to force them to be quadrupedal or more if needed.


There is no mundane treatment for this disease. Rashes can be treated to remove the disadvantage. During stage 1, it can be treated with any healing magic that cures diseases. In phase 2, only wish works. Once the disease ends, Transmutation magic can be used to temporarily return them to their natural form. Wish still works after phase 2. Also, certain special forces, such as a corringal tree, will stop the disease from continuing.

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