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Contracting Innanonfeall[edit]

Innanonfeall is a bloodborne infection, most commonly caught by healers attempting to cure the disease being exposed to the blood of the sick, and family members who may be trying to comfort the victim. When treating a victim of Innanonfeall, failing a wisdom (Medicine or Healer's Kit) check by 5 or more exposes one to the disease. It can also be caught by consuming an infected Zeka Weevil, a small pest that can frequently be found infesting the breads, crackers, and other grains of travellers. The Zeka Weevil can be noticed with a wisdom (Perception) check or passive perception (DC 9), or automatically discovered with an intelligence (Investigation) check. One who notices the bug is entitled to an intelligence (Nature) check (DC 15) to identify the bug and know of the disease it carries. Notably, desperate commoners and malnourished pirates will usually choose to eat infested bread even if they notice the weevils, but usually not if they properly identify them.

Regardless of how a creature is exposed to innanonfeall, they must make a constitution save (DC 14) or catch the disease.


Stage 1: Incubation. During incubation, the creature feels some abdominal discomfort and may experience a fever, but suffers no ill effects of note. Incubation lasts for 8 hours.

Stage 2: Difficulty breathing and swallowing. The creature must rest two hours longer to benefit from a short rest, and four hours longer to benefit from a long rest. The abdomen becomes mildly distended. Stage 2 of the disease lasts for 24 hours, at the end of which the creature may make another constitution save (DC 17). On success, they skip to stage 4. On failure, progress to stage 3.

Stage 3: Difficulty breathing and swallowing becomes more severe. In addition to the affects of stage 2, the victim gains one stage of exhaustion each time it rolls initiative, unless it opts to treat its initiative roll as a 1 on the die. The creature becomes vulnerable to bludgeoning damage, and automatically fails all saves and checks to mitigate fall damage as its internal organs swell and threaten to rupture at the slightest provocation. In addition, it takes 1d4-3 necrotic damage every 30 feet it moves willingly, and 1d8+1 necrotic damage every hour it is moved by another creature. The latter damage can be halved by another creature making a successful wisdom (Medicine) check (DC 10). Any time a creature suffering stage 3 of this disease takes bludgeoning or necrotic damage, they cough or vomit blood, exposing 1d4-2 creatures within 5 feet to the disease. This stage has no definite duration. Once at the end of every long rest, the creature may make a constitution save (DC 17). Two consecutive successes, or a single natural twenty, progress the disease to stage 4. Another creature may substitute its wisdom (Medicine or Healer's Kit) check for the victim's constitution save if it is higher.

Stage 4: Difficulty breathing and swallowing persist, but lessen. If progressing from stage 3, the victim no longer gains a stage of exhaustion when it rolls initiative. Its abdominal swelling reduces, it is no longer vulnerable to bludgeoning damage, and handles falling as normal. It no longer projects infected blood when damaged by bludgeoning or necrotic. After 24 hours or one long rest, whichever happens first, proceed to stage 5.

Stage 5: The patient's blood is still infected, but they no longer suffer any ill effects of the disease. They remain potentially infectious for one week, at the end of which the creature must make a constitution save (DC 7), and on failure, reverts to stage 1. On success, the creature is cured and is immune to further infection for a number of months equal to 1d8 plus their Constitution modifier


See stage descriptions. Otherwise, creating an incision and administering a poultice of gigglebloom causes the victim to giggle itself to sleep, remaining unconscious for 6 hours, during which time they cannot be awoken by any nonmagical means. At the end of those six hours, they awaken fully healed of the disease, and they are no longer contagious, but they do not gain the immunity that someone who naturally overcomes it does.

Innanonfeall can also be cured with lesser restoration cast with a spell slot of 3 or higher. The patient does not gain the immunity that someone who naturally overcomes it does.

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