The Gray Plague (5e Disease)

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The Gray Plague[edit]

This is diseases is meant to be used with the dire diseases variant rule.

If you don't want to use those rules you can consider what I call a "greater diseases" to be the name of the sickness and the "lesser diseases" to be the side effects.

Contracting The Gray Plague[edit]

Contracted from the gray ones and the colored ones. (The gray ones are basically zombies with gray, stone-like skin, and the colored ones are zombies that glow with magical crystals from darkest dungeon.)

If this effect is used and works on the target they must roll will save DC 10 + the level of their highest spell slot. (meaning if the highest spell they can cast is 5th level then its 10+5) If you fail you gain this sickness.


Stage 1: After you sleep you gain these effects (if any of these effects are cured they all return the next time you sleep)

  1. Gray mark. bits of gray stony skin appear in many of your body's creases (between fingers, edge of lips, eye lips, arm pits ect.
  2. Absorb magical power. Any time a spell of 3rd level or lower is cast on you there is a 50% chance it fails. (this counts for spells that can heal or maybe cure this sickness)
  3. Exhaustion of magic. Each week this effect is active you lose your highest spell slot until this sickness is cured. Meaning that the next week when the effect goes off again you lose your next highest spell slot working its way from 9th level to cantrips if it must.

If you don't have any of spell slots it takes your highest level "magical power" any class ability with magical effects (for example Storm Aura form the storm Barbarian: Path of the Storm Herald has clearly magical effects so it can be targered but the barbain rage it self dose not seem to truly magical at lest you can argue its not nither is the fighter's second wind dose not seem magical so just effects that very clearly have clearly have magic.

Once the infested one has no magical powers they take a level of exhaustion each day until they die.

Stage 2: After having the sickness for 3 weeks they gain these effects.

  1. Stone skin: resistance to fire nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. and +2 AC BUT your move speed is lowerd by 10 feet your dex -4 if you have a power that lets you fly your fly speed is lowerd by 30 ft. And you can't swim you only sink.
  2. Grater Azorb magic. There is a 40% chance that spells of 6th level or lower will not effect you and a 70% chance that spells of 3'd level or higher will not effect you.
  3. Magic Drain: If you grapple a foe you can use Magic drain on them. (mele attack) if it hits they roll will save vs your spell save dc if they fail you can drain one spell slot form them. (the lowest one they have full at the time.)


A level 1 spell slot can cure you of 1 level of exhaustion or restore 1 level 1 spell slot you've either used or that this sickness has taken from you. You can use this power on the same target again to try to drain there next most powerful slot. 2'd level slots can refill your 2'd level slots or restore ones lost to this sickness. But they can't give you more spell slots than you would nomraly be able to have at your level. When you use this power on some one they roll agasint getting The Gray plague.

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