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Despite the implications of its name, VIRUS is a curse, not a disease. It is a very special curse that only affects console patron units and CPU aasimars; when afflicted by this curse, console patron units cannot use their Hard Drive Divinity trait nor can they use share crystals, and CPU aasimars cannot use their Divinity Soul trait. VIRUS can be inflicted by any creature or source that has been specifically designed to cause the curse, or can also be inflicted randomly by some creatures known for causing curses. Unlike some curses, VIRUS will wear off on its own after 1d3 days, which is rolled when the curse is applied; if VIRUS is applied to a target that is already suffering from VIRUS, instead of rolling, the time until it wears off is simply reset, using the number that had already been rolled for the original application of the curse.

VIRUS can be removed early by casting remove curse with a spell slot of 5th level or higher.

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