A Day in Seven Lives (5e Curse)

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A Day in Seven Lives[edit]

This peculiar curse makes you live seven different lives in the next seven days, by turning you into a different person every morning. Starting with the next dawn and at dawn of each day thereafter for seven days, you will wake up with a new body. Roll on the following chart to determine your new race, replacing your racial traits with the racial traits of the new race. Then, roll a d2 to determine your sex (1 = male, 2 = female), and roll randomly determine your new height and weight. The DM can decide your new skin color, hair color, etc. as he chooses (or roll yourself if you have appropriate charts), and is encouraged to make your new body humiliating and degrading (e.g. hideously ugly, inexplicably similar to an infamous villain, too beautiful/sexy and attracting unwanted admirers, a victim of severe racism in the local area, etc.).

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d100 Behavior
1-2 Human
3-4 Dwarf
5-6 Elf
7-8 Halfling
9-10 Gnome
11-12 Dragonborn
13-14 Tiefling
15-16 Aasimar
17-18 Goblin
19-20 Orc
21-22 Kobold
23-24 Murloc
25-26 Skeleton
27-28 Zombie
29-30 Alien Grey
31-32 Amazon
33-34 Android
35-36 Bearon
37-38 Clockwork Man
39-40 Cyclops
41-42 Imp
43-44 Incubus/Succubus
45-46 Korok
47-48 Goron
49-50 Oni
51-52 Primal Zerg
53-54 Rito
55-56 Sasquatch
57-58 Shardmind
59-60 Stormborn
61-62 Inu
63-64 Kisekae Loli
65-66 McChicken
67-68 Mariokin
69-70 Living Toom
71-72 Kong
?-100 DM's special! ANYTHING goes!
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