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Baneweaver Curse[edit]

Some people confuse them for Night Howlers, red eyes staring back through the darkness. Take my word for it though, red hasn't the same meaning as yellow.
—The notes of Samuel the Lich.

Baneweaver Curse affects Beasts, Monstrosities, Lycanthropes, Plants and Dragons (Except sentient True Dragons, which basically means only Pseudodragons, Faerie Dragons and maybe younger White Dragons), giving them intense migraines and reddened eyes that force them to make a DC 15 Constitution save every hour, taking 1D4 nonlethal Psychic damage on a fail and being paralyzed by the pain for the hour. The intense pain of this curse can cause some creatures (As a general rule, use creatures of CR 1/2 or less) to enter fits of tearful agony and/or screams. The eyes of any infected creature become a deeper, more vibrant shade of red as the curse gathers steam, and after a number of days equal to 1+ the creature's Constitution modifier (Minimum of 1), the infected creature's eyes gain a glow, just bright enough that they can be seen even in otherwise total darkness (Including darkness brought on by magical effects), and the creature goes into a blind rage, attacking any creature that isn't a type that can be infected by the curse. When this happens, the creature stops making Constitution saves and no longer takes damage nor gets paralyzed. Any infected creature can be cured by a remove curse spell or higher similar magic that ends curses. More dangerously, creatures afflicted by Baneweaver Curse that fail a Constitution save awaken from non-magical sleep (And magical sleep that ends if the sleeper takes damage), and can't fall asleep for the hour that save fail affects them; and creatures that have turned to their blind rage will no longer willingly fall asleep, putting either case in serious danger of being afflicted by Exhaustion.

Note: Lycanthropes are incapable of spreading their curse of Lycanthropy while afflicted by Baneweaver Curse.

Desperate Hearts: Creatures afflicted by the curse can detect desperation in people trying to help defeat it. Humanoids that are genuinely trying to find and stop the source of an outbreak of Baneweaver Curse will not be attacked by those creatures afflicted by it, but only when they're getting close to finding the source of the outbreak (At the DM's discretion). Humanoids doing this to protect or save a creature they've befriended that is being afflicted by Baneweaver Curse will never be attacked by those afflicted by the curse, and may even (Also at the DM's discretion) get help from those afflicted to find the source of the outbreak if they are especially worried about the well-being of their companion.

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