Greed’s Death, Variant (5e Curse)

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Greed's Death[edit]

This curse is often used as a trap to afflict thieves who would try to make away with stolen loot. To resist being afflicted with the curse, you must make a Wisdom save with a DC of 15.

Once contracted, the afflicted will have a potential cough attack every 1d6 hours. Whenever this happens, they may make a constitution save with a DC of 15 or begin coughing up gold coins. During a coughing attack, they will be considered to be Suffocating and will suffer great pain.

Stage 1: The initial cough attacks aren't so bad, coughing up 1-3 gold pieces over the course of a few seconds, to no real harm.

Stage 2: After 3 cough attacks, they get worse, coughing up 2-10 gold pieces over the course of a minute.

Stage 3: After 3 more cough attacks, each cough attack gets progressively worse, the number of gold pieces increases by 1-5 and the duration increases by 30 seconds.

This spell can be removed with a Remove Curse cast with a 4th level or higher spell slot.

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