The White Plague (5e Disease)

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The White Plague[edit]

This is diseases is meant to be used with the dire diseases variant rule.

Contracting The White Plague[edit]

The White Plague is contracted via contact with the bodily fluid of undead creatures. On contact with undead bodily fluid, a creature must make a DC11 Constitution saving throw or contract the disease. If bitten by an undead creature, the bitten creature instead must make a DC13 Constitution saving throw.


Each day at dawn, the infected makes a Constitution save with a DC of 10 + number of days since they last failed this daily save. On failure, they gain the next symptom of the first stage of this disease.

  1. The early sighs. Coughing and small white flakes under the eye. A DC 16 Medicine check can identify the disease at this stage.
  2. The White Mark! The skin becomes a pale white.
  3. White hair.
  4. Pale eyes. Your eye color becomes a pale whiteish color. Your vision begins to decay, you have a disadvantage on all Perception checks and can no longer see in color. Additionally, you begin to suffer visual hallucinations of the ghosts of those who died with this disease.
  5. Decay. Each day at dawn, the infected must make a DC16 Constitution saving throw. On failure their maximum hit points are reduced by 10. If the infected is reduced to 0 hp due to this effect, they rise as an undead after 1d100 days if the corpse is not destroyed.

If the infected has their max health reduced by 50% by the previous effect, they move on to the second stage of the disease, gaining the following effects:

  1. Sickly. Now your skin is as white as snow and you have disadvantage on all Constitution saving throws.
  2. White Eyes. Your eyes fade fully to white. You are blinded to all planes except the Ethereal Plane, which you can now see into at all times.


The White Plague can be cured with lesser restoration in it's first stage, or greater restoration in it's second. Additionally, if 3 consecutive daily saving throws are made during the first stage of this disease, the infected recovers fully.

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