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The Soups[edit]

The soups is a horribly comical disease that causes different kinds of soup to be forcefully ejected from various openings in the body. To incorporate the soups into your game at home, simply have your players roll 1d20 whenever they get scared or surprised in any way. Examples include making a save against Intimidation, being ambushed in combat or even a simple surprise during RP sections. If the player rolls a natural 13 (no modifiers or abilities included), then that player has contracted the magical disease known as "the soups". Once a player has contracted the soups, the disease will immediately show telltale symptoms and progress through 3 stages.

Stage #1 Upon rolling the natural 13, the player will "soup" themselves, filling their pants with a smooth, lukewarm soup with a flavor of the DM's choosing. The afflicted player gains disadvantage on saving throws against being surprised or frightened, and will soup themselves any time they fail such a save.

Stage #2 After 3 days in game have passed, the soups will evolve. During the second stage of the soups, the soup will transform from smooth to chunky style, and can now project from the mouth as well as the posterior region. Stage 2 of the soups can also be triggered any time the afflicted player rolls a natural 13, in addition to the previous trigger.

Stage #3 After a total of 13 in game days of the soups infecting a host, it evolves into its final form. The projected soup will now be uncomfortably hot in addition to being chunky. The afflicted player now has a major disadvantage on saving throws against being scarred or surprised (-8). The afflicted player now soups themselves when hearing the word "thirteen", seeing the number "13", or seeing the word "thirteen", in addition to the previous triggers. The afflicted player may also develop a fear of non-magical soup at the DM's discretion.

Minor potions of lesser restoration will not work on the soups. Only a high tier potion of greater restoration, brewed by a master alchemist, or a greater restoration spell cast using at least a 7th level spell slot can cure the soups.

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