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Spore Rot[edit]


Spore Rot is contracted by breathing in the spores that the disease produces.


Stage 1:

Symptoms do not begin to show until 1d12+constitution days after the spores are breathed in.

Stage 2:

The first symptom is the infected's skin begins to either turn a shade of green or red (the color makes no difference).

Stage 3:

After 1d10 days of the skin change, fungal growths begin to appear on the infected body.

At this time the infected will begin to lose 1d4-constitution (minimum of 1) hp every day.

When they reach 0 they automatically die.

Stage 4:

These growths will grow for 1d4 days until they are the size of about 1 inch.

Stage 5:

When the growths reach one inch they will burst, and spread new spores out to infect more creatures (the spores are viable for about 7 days).

Trying to remove the growths will have the same effect.

Even when the infected have died the growths will continue their cycle until they burst.


Spore Rot can be cured with greater restoration cast at 8th level or with a potion brewed from the sap from a Purple Star Tree (There are only three in existence to my knowledge), ironwood dust, and pure water.

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