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Spawn can be contracted by ingesting water from the river Styx, or by being resurrected after being killed by hellfire.


Stage 1: During the first stage, an hour after infection, the victim begins to feel nauseous and dizzy when subjected to light. There are no physical symptoms.

Stage 2: During the second stage, 10-12 hours after stage one, nausea may strike at inopportune moments. Each week, roll a DC 15 Constitution check; failure indicates that nausea will be a problem that week. The victim will make the same Constitution check at random each day, but not more than 1d4 times. Failure means the victim is nauseated for 1d20 rounds. Each successful check grants a +2 bonus on the next roll.

Stage 3 During the third stage, a month after stage two, the victim’s movement rate is reduced by a quarter and a -2 penalty applies to Dexterity as the body takes on weight and their center of gravity shifts. The victim will also has disadvantage on all saving throws.

Stage 4 During the fourth stage, two months after stage three, the victim’s movement rate is reduced by half. They also suffer a -4 penalty to Dexterity and -2 to Strength. The victim will also has disadvantage on all saving throws. If the victim drops to 3 hp or less while in this stage, they immediately transition to stage five.

Stage 5 During the fifth stage, three weeks after stage four, the victim must make a DC10 constitution saving throw. They then take 2d10 necrotic damage, or half on a successful save. If they die, their body dissolves into acid, dealing 3d10 acid damage to anything within 15 feet of the victim. If the victim survives, they give birth to a child, regardless of gender. The victim is drawn to protect/raise the child, as if under the effects of a dominate person spell. The child uses the statistics of a succubus.


Spawn can only be cured by divine intervention or a wish spell.

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