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Useful Adventurer[edit]

Contracting Useful Adventurer[edit]

There is no natural way of becoming infected. Usually, a magic potion or curse applied by a powerful being or god.


A creature affected by this disease has 5 charges in the following effect. Whenever an item is needed, wanted, or could be helpful by its party, roll a D4. On a 1, the target involuntarily creates the item magically, using their body as a resource. Depending on the item needed, roll on the following table or choose an effect manually. Also, a mundane item uses one charge of the ability, common uses 2, uncommon uses 3, rare uses 4, and very rare uses 5. The creature spends D20 seconds per size level of the item. The creature regains all charges of this ability at the end of a long rest. Also, any items created by this ability lose their magic properties after D20 minutes. One more thing: if an item is sharp, or otherwise dangerous in that way, is created in a way that would make sense to harm them, it deals damage appropriate to them, in an amount that makes sense. Now, the table.

Method For Creation
D8 Method Applies To
1 The creature vomits out or urinates the item. If you want to take a more drastic turn with a powerful item, you can make them bleed it from new cuts or have horrible feces that are the item. The item is clean when coming out. Potions, or melted items.
2 The creature has a horrible coughing fit, choking on and then regurgitating the items. If you want to take a more drastic turn with a powerful item, you can make them also cough out blood, or choke long enough to knock them unconscious. Small items, such as coins or gemstones.
3 The creature has a limb or chunk of flesh fall of and transform into the item. They regenerate the limb over D4 hours. If you want to take a more drastic turn with powerful items, you can have the items start transforming while still connected, putting them through severe shock and blood loss. Most solid items.
4 The creature has a limb or chunk of flesh transform partially into the item. This is painful, and usually doesn’t help much anyway. A more drastic turn with powerful items is to make it actually living, so if it gets cut, it hurts them and bleeds. Lasts D4 hours. Weaponry, and keys.
5 The creatures inside guts, bones, and organs transform into the item. Their flesh then rips open, spewing the item out and forcing the victim to make death saves at disadvantage after being knocked unconscious. A more drastic turn for powerful items is to make them make a DC 15 Constitution Save or die on the spot, or for their flesh not to split so they have a item stuck inside them. Large items.
6 The creature undergoes a painful transformation into the item. They no longer are living, and nothing short of a wish spell can revive them. After D8 hours, they transform back on their own. You can make this more drastic by increasing the time to return to normal form. Large or very large items.
7 The creature loses much physical mass, as much of their skin, flesh, bone, organs, and other stuff is removed without harming them, or causing any effects. It appears in front of them, and transforms into the item. The victim is shrunken one size level, not including their gear. Their body regenerates D4 hours later, when the item returns to flesh and returns to their body. Anything.
8 The creature is compelled to build the item with anything nearby. They will spend as long as it takes to create it, and it will take a long time if the creature is unskilled. Once completed, nothing else happens. Anything.


A wish spell can be used. The source of disease usually can do some help in some way. Also, some plants can cure it, but usually come with side effects. Otherwise, there is no cure.

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