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Death's touch[edit]

Contracting Death's Touch[edit]

Typically, death's touch is contracted through a certain interaction with undead. It is believed to be an extremely rare disease due to the infinitesimally low chance of encountering the vector undead. The primary culprits are believed to be skeletal undead, though this is unproven. There remains a lot of mystery surrounding the way this disease develops. How it is spread is through physical contact with the vector undead subject, after which the infected will feel a sudden chill to their bones, similar to the cold of chill touch. After which, the disease has taken full root.

This disease is less likely to affect constructs and undead, but they are not totally immune.


Stage 1: The afflicted develops an unnatural sensitivity for cold, becoming vulnerable to cold damage. This typically lasts for about a week, and their body visibly begins to shiver no matter the true temperature. Their teeth may also chatter incessantly. After a week, this progresses to stage 2.

Stage 2: The chill seeps deeper into the body, as well as the soul. The afflicted begins to lose empathy, speaking as if robotic. Their movement speeds also reduce by 10 feet as their movements become sluggish and stiff. This stage lasts only 3 days, after which it progresses to its final stage.

Stage 3: The cold renders the afflicted now entire stiff. Their body becomes cold and hard like ice, and they are considered petrified. After a day spent like this, the body shatters and icy vapors escape the now dead victim.


Death's touch can be cured with lesser restoration cast with a spell slot of 6th level or higher, as well as heal and wish. If a creature dies of death's touch, however, only a wish spell will be able to revive them.

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