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Random Transformation Change[edit]

This disease is created and transmitted by Slaadi or other creatures infected with this disease. When a Slaad or infected creature reduces a creature to 0 hit points, that creature gains this disease if they fail a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. It has no effect while the creature is dead, but if revived or stabilized, the creature faces the full effects of the disease.

This disease can be cured with a Greater Restoration, Heal, or Wish spell. One change can be cured with a Lesser Restoration spell, and upcasting this spell at higher levels allows you to cure one more change per level.


The DM chooses when this disease triggers. When it does, roll 2d6 and add up the results. The sum will tell you what happens to the inflicted character. Any effect that doesn't "last until cured" can stack with itself.

NOTE: Some recommended times to trigger this effect is either during the night, when the character wakes up, or in the middle of the day. You shouldn't trigger this disease more than once a day. Though, of course, if your players are fine with it, do it as many times as you want. In addition, you never have to trigger this disease in the first place. Sometimes it could be advisable to skip some days, not having the disease activate at all.


2 = Gain Antlers: Two large antlers grow out of your head. This makes it impossible to wear helmets not designed for your antlers. If you run 10 feet towards an opponent before attacking, you can use your antlers to make an unarmed strike as your Attack action. This attack uses Strength and deals 1d6 + Str mod damage (unless your unarmed strike die is higher). If you hit, your target must make a Strength saving throw (DC = 8 + your Str mod + your prof) or be knocked prone. This transformation lasts until cured. If you get this result again, the antlers increase in size, and the range for this attack becomes 5 feet more.

3 = Beecome: Gain a bee-like abdomen (can't use full body or leg armor), antennas (Blindsight 15 feet, and you can locate flowers within 500 feet), wings (20 feet fly), and stinger. You can use an Attack action with the stinger, using Dexterity or Strength to hit. Upon hit, the target takes damage depending on your size. When you hit with the stinger, roll a d20. On a 1, you drop to 0 hit points, but you are stabilized. This transformation lasts until cured. Tiny: 1 poison damage -- Small: 1d6 poison damage -- Medium: 2d6 poison damage -- Large: 3d6 poison damage -- Huge: 3d10 poison damage -- Gargantuan: 4d10 poison damage --

4 = Armed: You grow another two fully-operational arms, anywhere on your torso. This transformation lasts until cured.

5 = Clawful: Claws replace fingers on one of your hands. Holding things becomes difficult, and you have disadvantage on any ability check or attack roll requiring that hand, unless you make an unarmed strike with that hand. Your unarmed strikes with that hand become 1d8 + Str mod slashing damage, unless the damage die is already higher. This transformation lasts until cured.

6 = Instant Vine-Hand: An arm and hand of yours becomes wrapped in vines and leaves stemming from your shoulder. To eat, you may absorb the sun's energies instead. By staying outside in direct sunlight for an entire Short Rest, you gain the effects of eating a well-sized meal. This effect lasts until cured.

7 = Echolocation Dependence: Your eyelids or skin layers and forms itself over your eyes. You become blind and gain infinite range echolocation and can use it past walls. This transformation lasts for one week.

8 = Tentaslie: One of your arms is replaced with an slimy, purple tentacle. You no longer have fingers with that hand, but your reach becomes 10 feet with that tentacle. This transformation lasts until cured.

9 = Tongue Snake: Your tongue grows too long and wide for your own mouth, so it constantly hangs outside of your mouth, drooping down to your waist. You can move it freely, but it launches out on its own to grab and eat food if you are hungry and you see food. This transformation lasts for 1d6 days.

10 = Quicker Digestive System: You need to eat a lot more now, so much so that you're almost always hungry. When mixed with Tongue Snake, your tongue will grab any food you see, compelling you to eat it. This transformation lasts for 1d4 days.

11 = Bone Growth: All of your bones grow larger, breaking out of your skin. In addition to being incredibly uncomfortable, you cannot wear armor, your unarmed strikes now deal 1d6 + Str mod damage (unless you have a higher damage for already), and you gain natural armor of 14 AC + your Dex mod. This transformation lasts 1d6 days, and when it finishes, your bones revert properly and your skin stitches back seamlessly. This inadvertently seals any cuts you have.

12 = Morph: Roll a d4. 1 = Bloated: You body becomes fattened and bloated. Multiply your weight by five. You gain the effects of the Tough Feat. You gain 6 Strength and 4 Constituon, with no maximum. You lose 6 Dexterity, with a minimum of 1. Your speed is halved, and you can’t fly. Clothes and armor no longer fit you. 2 = Skinny: Your body becomes more stick-like, removing nearly all the fat in your body. Your weight becomes 1/4 of what it was. Your gain the effects of the Mobile feat. Your Strength and Constituion decrease by 2 each, with a minimum of 1. Your Dexterity increases by 4. You can still wear clothes and armor, but anything you wear tends to be uncomfortably large. 3 = Minimize: You decrease in size, becoming one size category smaller. All the effects that come with this change come into effect (all your dimensions are halved, Heavy weapons may encumber you, your carrying capacity is halved, etc.) None of your equipment changes with you. Changing into a Tiny creature while under the effects of Beecome Polymorphs you into a Bee for the duration, but you retain all abilty scores, alignments, personality traits, and other personal stats. 4 = Maximize: You increase in size, becoming one size category larger. All the effects that come with this change come into effect. For duration, flip a coin. On heads, this effect lasts 1 day. On tails, this effect lasts 2 days.

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