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Unlike normal diseases, which spread via biological elements, Ligma is spread through written and verbal communication. A creature infected with Ligma will attempt to establish a dialogue with non-infected creatures wherein they will inevitably refer to their possession of the disease. Once the recipient creature of the dialogue hears the name of the disease, they must make a DC 16 Intelligence saving throw, or be forced to ask "What's Ligma?" The infected creature will then reply "Ligma balls!" Upon hearing this, the recipient creature of the conversation becomes infected with Ligma, while the original creature collapses into raucous laughter and suffers 5 levels of exhaustion.

At the beginning of a long rest, an infected creature can attempt a DC 18 Intelligence saving throw. If they succeed, they are no longer infected with Ligma.

Creatures with an Intelligence score of 4 or lower cannot contract this disease.

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