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Paranoia is a mental condition which causes you to be irrationally suspicious of others, often to the point of delusion.


There are benefits and drawbacks to being paranoid.

  • When you make an Insight check to tell if someone is lying to you, trying to deceive you, or intends to betray you, you are considered proficient in the Insight skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.
  • Whenever you wish to do an action or benefit from an action that requires a creature to treat you as friendly or treat another creature as friendly, such as the Help action, you must make a DC 15 Intelligence check. On a failure, you decide that the creature cannot be fully trusted, and refuse to do that action or benefit from that action.
  • Whenever you roll a natural 1 on a Perception or Insight check, you may freak out and imagine ANYTHING. For example, you may spot "evidence" that a completely friendly and trustworthy NPC is secretly a member of a conspiracy which opposes you, or you may mistake a harmless bird for a flying demon from the Abyss. The DM should lie to you appropriately.


Paranoia can be cured with a lesser restoration spell.

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