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While its macroform is generally peaceful until provoked, the microscopic botularia is an aggressive neurovore, rapidly diminishing cognitive function as its feeds on the brain and nervous system. Its plasmodium can functionally if crudely replace destroyed neurons, keeping hosts alive in a deranged, broken state which increasingly wishes to consume soil, garbage and offal. Infection is easily recognized by the host's uncontrollable laughter and blue-green, "fuzzy" mottling as the plasmodium begins to break out of the body.
A creature can only contract this disease by being infected by a botularia. Symptoms begin appearing 2d12 hours after infection; the infected creature has disadvantage on Wisdom checks, regains only half the normal number of hit points from spending Hit Dice or finishing a long rest, and experiences a strong urge to consume substances such as dirt, slime, or offal.
Additionally, the creature takes a -1 penalty to Intelligence checks and Intelligence saving throws. At the end of each long rest, an infected creature must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the Intelligence penalty worsens by 1; if the penalty becomes greater than the creature's Intelligence modifier, the creature is reduced to 0 hit points as it becomes unable to breath or pump blood properly.
After 2d4 days or when the infected creature dies, the botularia cells reconstitute into 1d4 botularia macroforms, each in a space within 5 feet of the infected creature; these botularia have the memories and personality of the original that infected the creature, and are unable to enter their microform to use their Infection for 24 hours.

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