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When using a teleportation spell or a portal, make a Constitution saving throw, upon a fail you contract the curse for 1D20 minutes. The symptoms are as follows, nausea, headaches, muscle spasms every 1D6 minutes causing minor pain, one the duration has ended, roll 1D20,

1-5 - teleport to a random spot in a 15-Ft radius

6-10 - have a nearby item fly into the creature causing 2D6 bludgeoning damage

11-15 - all worn armor is teleported 2D20-Ft in front of the creature

16-17 - have a random non-vital body part be teleported away from the creature for 5 turns

18-19 have the creature teleport to the ethereal plane for 1 hour, unless on the outer planes in which case the creature is teleported to the astral sea for 1 hour

20 - have all hostile creatures in a 1-mile radius teleport to 10-ft away from the creature

Teleglow can be broken by casting lesser restoration with a spell slot of 3 or higher.

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