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When you contract Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏.ed, you become a temporary Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏, affected by the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ. This leaves you no longer set securely in reality. Your body becomes fragile as reality is shattered around you, leaving you with half of your hit point maximum. Your Armor class drops by -5. You are unable to speak clearly and as such no one can understand what you say. You can force your body to purge itself of this affliction by focusing your consciousness onto itself for 1 hour. When you do this, you must roll a wis DC saving throw of 14 or higher or have the hour of concentration broken and reset. If you choose not to do this, the Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ lasts for 5-7 days until you return fully to reality.

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