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This curse uses elements of roleplay that cannot be mechanically defined.

Curse of the Ultima[edit]

Curse Info[edit]

This curse affects only particular members of the half-wolf race, specifically the firstborn male son of another firstborn male. Also there can be only one ultima in a single setting, though it gets passed down through the generations of that bloodline, only going through the men. As a note to DMs that want to use this curse, make sure you specify the bloodline surname.


This curse is affected by negative emotions, such as anger, despair, frustration, etc.

Emotionally Unstable You have the need to watch your emotions, or your eyes turn crimson red. To keep that in check, you need to make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. The DC increases by 2 whenever you get upset. While drinking alcohol can lower the DC, doing an activity you enjoy doing resets the DC. Worry does not count as a negative emotion.

Crimson Stare As an action, you stare into the eyes of a creature with human lineage with your crimson eyes, a result of the curse. The creature has to make a DC20 Constitution saving throw. If they fail the save by 5 or more, they instantly drop dead. Otherwise, they fall prone onto the ground in excruciating pain. At the start of their next turn, they become a werewolf. Alternatively, if you use this action on a werewolf or other lycanthrope, they become human on a failed save by less than 5.

  • Creatures that die from this stare are still able to be revived with spells like resurrection.

Transformation by bite As an action, you can make an unarmed strike against a creature with human lineage within 5 feet of you, using your fanged jaws. On a successful hit, the target becomes a werewolf at the start of their next turn and takes no damage.

This curse cannot be cured using any spell, including wish.

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