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This curse is commonly used and invoked as a deterrent against the murder of innocent followers of faiths. It is the most basic punishment enacted by a grieving god on the slayer of their cult and church members. It makes it taboo to kill acolytes and priests, particularly of gods who are just and good. People fear this curse mainly because it is very fast acting and immediately begins afflicting the murderer upon the death of the victim.

Until the victim is resurrected, the murderer will be unable to benefit from long rests. Their bodies will feel constantly numb and tired no matter how long they prolong respite. Their dreams, if they sleep, are wrought with nightmares of the vengeful deity and the visage of the haunting dead, preventing them a good nights rest. As such, the murderer is doomed to incur exhaustion without rest every day until they die from it. Additionally, while they are afflicted, the murderer bears an unseen mark that only clerics and paladins can see, as well as others of faith. This mark makes them a virtual leper and brands them for their committed atrocity.

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