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Contracting Abber Flu[edit]

Abber Flu is spread through the gas which constantly ejects from the mouth of an infected creature. anyone who goes within 5 feet of an infected individual must succeed on a d15 constitution saving throw or become infected. if they succeed, they are immune to the effect for 24 hours.


Stages once the creature is infected, they will begin suffering side effects as a result of the pathogens in their bloodstream. they will begin spewing a purplish fog from their mouths, making them contagious. once per long rest, they must succeed on a d10 constitution saving throw, as well as a d10 wisdom saving throw, as the pathogen is attacking both the mind and the body. every time that they succeed either saving throw, the number requirement goes up by 1. if they fail the wisdom roll, roll a d10. (1-The individual becomes dependent on the psionic energy from sentient beings. they are unable to benefit from sleep when not within ten feet of a creature with at least 10 points of intelligence.) (2-the individuals mind is filled with shrieking muttering voices which whisper dark secrets in their sleep. +1 to wisdom but -1 intelligence.) (3-the individual believes they will perish in direct sunlight, and becomes hysterical and incapacitated when they are forced to do so.) (4-the individual becomes fixated on the consumption of humanoid brains, and will attempt to consume them when given the opportunity.) (5-the individual becomes petrified in awe at their own reflection. they must make an action to avert their eyes or become petrified when they see a mirror.) (6- the individual decides that they are a god, and will refuse to accept or use clerical magic, seeing it as an insult to their own divine might) (7-the individual believes that their infection is a divine gift from the primordial lords, and will do anything they can to spread it) (8-the individual believes they are some sort of aberration, trapped within a prison of flesh. they harm themselves in their sleep, preventing any sort of benefits from long rests.) (9- the individual finds they are the most superior of all life forms, and will openly disregard and disrespect all other creatures as such. if they are capable of doing so, they will use transmutation magic to turn other creatures into themselves.) (10- the individual refuses to eat anything that is not in a state of decay, but will not be harmed by such consumption) if the individual fails the constituition roll, roll a d20. (1- the individual grows several eyes out of different parts of the body which do not close when they are asleep. advantage on perception rolls and immunity to being surprised, but disadvantage on persuasion checks when any of the eyes are exposed.) (2- the individual floats slightly above the ground by unknown means. immediate success on rolls made to move silently, but disadvantage on charisma checks.) (3- the individual grows several toothy mouths all over their body. these mouths speak random words to you in primordial, giving you disadvantage on stealth checks.) (4- your tongue transforms into a tentacle. you may use this tongue to carry objects as if it was a third arm, but you may not speak or eat while you are doing so.) (5-your larynx swells dramatically, causing your neck to look unnatural. no matter how softly you speak, it is always at a booming volume.) (6- your hands become massive pincers. you automatically lose any dexterity rolls that involve using hands for fine movement, but you are able to grapple one medium or smaller creature or object in each pincer.) (7- your tailbone elongates, and your back half extends into a horrifying mix between an insect, a serpant, and a humanoid. you are large as it pertains to carrying capacity, but clothes not specially made for creatures with six legs are unable to be worn.) (8- the individual gains the breath weapon of a copper dragon wyrmling which it can use once per long rest, except that the breath weapon is laced with the infection. anyone hit with it must succeed on a d10 constituition saving throw or become infected.) (9- the individuals eyes condense into a single larger eye which encompases most of their face. they gain a dark vision equal to half their original sight, but they are vulnerable to being blinded.) (10- the individuals skin bubbles and bursts at random as if a chemical reaction was taking place under their skin. holes and cavities cover their blemished skin, but thin webbed tendrils connect the hole.)


Abber can be cured with a greater or lesser restoration spell cast by a 6th level or higher, or by consuming the blood of a beholder. a lesser restoration spell simply halts the diseases spread and advancement, retaining any side effects but stopping any more from appearing, as well as removing any pathogens. however, using a greater restoration spell will cause the physical effects to disipate over ten days, minus the casters level. only the blood of a beholder or a wish spell can remove all of the effects instantaniously, including the mental ones.

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