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Dread Esqueleto[edit]


Dread Esqueleto can be contracted if one is bitten by an undead monster, specifically skeletons. If one if infected by this method, they can easily cure if they or an ally makes a DC Constitution Saving Throw (10). However, it can also be transmitted if one obtains blunt damage to the chest by a magical item, or by eating bone meal.

Transformation Stages[edit]

Stage 1: The infected will begin to sweat heavily in bright light. Their muscles begin to shrink (disadvantage to attack and damage rolls as well as Strenght checks). The disease progresses if they stay in the bright light for d3 hours, otherwise the disease will progress after d7 days.

Stage 2: The infected skin begins to peel away, revealing the bones underneath. The infected will begin to have large headaches as their muscles shrink more and their hair begins to fall out (They have a disadvantage in wisdom check). the disease progresses after d5 days.

Stage 3: Even more skin begins to fall off of, making the infected look like a corpse. Organs and bodily fluids will melt and vaporize. Muscles will also disappear, each day making the infected look thin, the infected will lose 1 HP everyday until at 10% max HP, in which the disease will progress to the next stage

Stage 4: Almost all of the infected's skin and organs have disappeared and their eyes fall out, leaving only the skeleton (death). The disease will end after d1 hour.

Stage 5: The infected enter a state of undeath as the eye sockets are filled with glowing red pupils. The infected is now completely an undead skeleton.

After Transformation[edit]

The infected player will now appear as a skeleton with red dots for eyes. The following happens to them:

  • The infected's alignment becomes Lawful Evil, if it wasn't already.(optional)
  • The infected becomes an Undead
  • The infected has no real gender, although they can still be called "he" or "she".
  • Their stats become as follows:

STR: 8(-1)

DEX: 15(2)

CON: 10(0)

INT: 10(0)

WIS: 15(2)

CHA: (7)-2

  • You are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage when not wearing heavy armor.
  • You are immune to diseases, magical sleep, poison damage and the poisoned condition.
  • You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish.
  • You do not need rest and do not suffer from exhaustion.
  • You may sleep if you wish, but do not gain any benefit from doing so.
  • You can't be healed by magical spells, you can only regain hit points from spells such as mending (limited to the amount of Hit Die available) and with healing potions,
  • You can't be stabilized.
  • If reduced to 0 hit points by bludgeoning, fire, force, radiant, or thunder damage you will make death saving throws as normal, with two automatic failures if any bludgeoning, fire, force, radiant, or thunder damage is taken while at 0 hit points. On the 3rd failure you are destroyed.

Stage 6: After 1d7 days the infected stats slowly become what they once were, gaing 1 Ability Score a day, note if some stats now are higher then what they were originally, they don't lower to what they were before..


The disease can be cured through Stages 1-4 by using lesser restoration with a spell slot of 6 or higher. However, once Stage 5 is reached and the infected are fully turned, they are permanently transformed and cannot be cured.

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