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Dimensional Hiccups[edit]

Contracting Dimensional Hiccups[edit]

Dimensional hiccups are caused by excessive use of any spell or magic that moves a creature through spatial or temporal dimensions. The following types of spells can cause a creature to contract this disease:

  • Teleportation spells.
  • Time travel, or any spell that affects the users perception of time.
  • Planar travel.

If a creature is affected by any spell with these effects more than twice within the span of 1 hour, they must roll a DC 12 Constitution save or be afflicted with this disease. This save increases by 1 for each use of the afflicting spells beyond the 3rd, returning to 12 1 hour after first spell effect. If a creature is innately able to cast a spell with these effects, these spells cannot afflict that creature with dimensional hiccups, nor contribute to the hourly limit. Spells cast at the 8th level or higher also cannot cause this disease.


Stage 1: For the first 24 hours of infection, the afflicted creature simply suffers from occasional bouts of hiccups. These have no significant effects beyond normal hiccups, though the creature may feel slight disorientation shortly after experiencing one, as if they had suddenly "shifted" slightly from their previous position.

Stage 2: After 24 hours, the main effects of the disease manifest. Whenever the afflict creature takes damage from an an attack, they must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On failure, they hiccup, and must roll 1d10. A random effect then occurs, see the table below. Additionally, every 2d4 hours, the afflicted creature suffers a bout of hiccups, and rolls for three effects.

Stage 3: 2d6 days after the beginning of stage 2, the creature begins to recover. The random bouts of hiccups cease, but the creature still must roll Constitution checks on being attacked, or suffer another hiccup. The DC of the Constitution save is reduced to 13.

Stage 4: 1d6 days after the beginning of stage 3, all symptoms of the disease cease. Upon entering this stage of the disease, the afflicted creature makes a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On success, any lingering effects of the disease on the creatures body fade over the next 1d6 days. On failure, only half of these effects fade over the same duration.

Effects Table[edit]

Roll 1d10 to determine effects
Roll Effect on creature
1 Roll 1d6. You are teleported 10 ft. in a direction depending on the result of this roll. If the target space is occupied, you appear at the nearest unoccupied space between your original and target positions. 1= forward, 2= backward, 3= to your left, 4= to your right, 5= upward, 6= reroll, add 5 ft. to distance teleported.
2 Your age increases by 1d4+1 years.1
3 Your age decreases by 1d4+1 years.1
4 Your height increases by 1d4+1 inches.2
5 Your height decreases by 1d4+1 inches.2
6 Your speed increases for 6 seconds. Until the end of your next turn, you gain 15 ft. of movement and may make an additional reaction.
7 Your speed decreases for 6 seconds. Until the end of your next turn, you lose 15 ft. of movement cannot make a reaction.
8 You are teleported to the location you were in before your last movement action. If that space is now occupied, teleport to the nearest unoccupied space between it and your current location.
9 You are transported into the Ethereal Plane until the start of your next turn, as if you were effected by the blink spell.
10 Roll again, doubling the duration/severity of the next roll.3

  1. You cannot die of old age due to this effect. You cannot be reduced below the adolescent age of your race due to this effect.
  2. Your size category does not change due to this effect.
  3. Consecutive rolls do not stack, the doubling only applies once.


Dimensional Hiccups can be cured with lesser restoration cast at 5th level or greater. Curing the disease this way also instantly removes any lingering effects of the disease on the creatures body, and can also remove any permanent effects on a creature that recovered from the disease naturally. Additionally, if a creature makes 4 consecutive Constitution saving throws to avoid hiccups during the 2nd or 3rd stages, they instantly progress to stage 4 of the disease.

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