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Vile Polypore[edit]

This disease is primarily contracted via interaction or contact with myconid colonies, or any fungus creatures. The spores that cause polypore are known to be variants seeded in other types of fungus, meaning it can be found in russet mold and even in the bodies of other fungal creatures. Fungal creatures are immune to this effect. It is said that this disease comes from Zuggtmoy and affects primarily humanoids. The disease forms as a series of plate fungi that grow along the exterior of the hosts body. This belies the network of fungal roots which will have penetrated the hosts immune and nerve systems by then, robbing them of their senses and mobility.

Contracting Vile Polypore[edit]

When a humanoid spends 3 or more days in an area with lots of fungus, they have a 1% chance of contracting vile polypore. For each additional day they remain in the area, this chance increases by 1%. This disease is also contractible from corpses of those who died previously from vile polypore.


Vile polypore is particularly dangerous due to how slowly it can seem to move and the lack of precursory effects that are actually debilitating to take notice. This disease is relentless and has no remission.

Stage 1: The host develops a woody odor around the next day after contraction as a sign of gestation. This has no mechanical effect and the host does not experience any negative effects in this stage. This stage lasts for 3 days. If not treated within that time, the disease progresses to the next stage.

Stage 2: The fungal mycelium have penetrated into the muscles and vital areas by now after gestation. The hosts movement speeds are all halved as they begin to hobble and spasm uncontrollably in fits. Their mouth also begins to feel dry and they have mild blackouts in memory and thought. They take disadvantage to any Dexterity and Intelligence saves and ability checks they make. This stage lasts only 8 hours. If not treated within that time frame, the disease progresses to stage 3.

Stage 3: The hosts body by now has been usurped by the fungus mostly. Their skin becomes pale and their eyes lose focus. Froth mixed with the spores of the polypore foams from their mouth. Their movement speed becomes 5 feet, and they can only walk. The host can no longer speak and can only take one action on their turn in combat. They now automatically fail all saving throws and ability checks. This stage lasts only 4 hours. If not treated within that time frame, the disease progresses to its final stage.

Stage 4: By now, the mycelium network in the body overwhelms most of the bodily functions. The host ceases to be able to breathe or move and dies.


Vile polypore can be cured with lesser restoration cast with a spell slot of 6 or higher.

If a resurrection spell is casted on creature killed by this disease, the body must be cleansed of vile polypore beforehand or it will persist on the creature after reviving, resetting to stage 1.

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