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Sailor's Strait[edit]

Contracting Sailor's Strait[edit]

Sailor's Strait is a virus residing commonly up North, within areas with high humidity, relatively low temperatures, and lots of water. Those who venture within these infected areas often contract the illness within seconds, either through infected air or contaminated water. It is also highly contagious, spreading through blood, touch, and saliva. The reason it is called "Sailor's Strait" is because it was common for pirates and sailors to contract this illness when venturing high above the Equator, where its optimal habitat resides.


Stage 1: Minor Rash on hands, Pins and Needles sensation in chest, Extreme feeling of Lethargy, and Heavily slowed movements. Stage 2 occurs within 2 Hours, with any form of physical movement heavily accelerating the process. Can be cured with a simple DC 11 Medicine check.

Stage 2: Fits of Uncontrollable Depression, Vivid Hallucinations and Delusions (2d6 Psychic damage every 2 minutes), and Fever. Stage 3 occurs after a Long rest. Can be cured with Lesser Restoration cast with a spell slot of 3rd level or higher or a DC 15 Medicine check.

Stage 3: Necrosis (4d10+2 Necrotic damage every minute/Your body decays alive). Can only be cured using Greater Restoration cast with an 8th level spell slot, or Wish.

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