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Wereypric Curse[edit]

Contracting Wereypric Curse[edit]

Three ways to contract the curse exist

1) get bit by a werepyre

2) Before lycanthropy or vampirism takes full effect you contract the other. (double ow)

3) A werewolf bites a vampire, or a vampire bites a werewolf. (Probably the most awkward one.)


Stage 1: Nausea, sweating, confusion, dizziness, and or blackouts occur. Anxiety is always a symptom. The key warning sign is that they can not be cured by magic.

Stage 2: The transformation begins. Fur and claws from lycanthropy grow and the fangs and glowing eyes of the vampire begin to appear rapidly if it is a full moon. New moons are so dangerously subtle. Only a slight paling and gradual fangs appear at first. Then, on the night of the full moon, the curse progresses at the signature rapid speed.

Stage 3: The full curse has taken over. Unlike with pure lycanthropes, the lycanthrope feature in the werepyre curse is perpetually visible. The sway of the merged curses can be resisted, but only the willing and strong can do so...


Wereypric Curse-->. The cure involves a ritual the priest of a good-aligned diety. The law axis will work in any alignment, but the diety must be good aligned.

The player must be conscious if the curse has been given in to (as in the evil sway embraced). Holy water must be used. The priest prays to their diety to cure the poor soul who has been infected and revert their cursed form to their original.

Alternatively, a good OR neutral deity's priest may take away the foulness of your curse. Neutral aligned ones can not remove the form easily (17 or higher on a d20, no bonuses). In short, the evil sway clouding your mind is gone, but your form remains. A good deity may fully cure a cleansed werepyre.

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