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Contracting Coddrow[edit]

To contract Coddrow, one must either pierce themselves with a fish hook that has been recently used, or must've breathed in and/or consumed a droplet of an infected individual.


Stage 1: Coddrow at stage one is a deceptive sickness, as if it were disguising itself as another. You experience mild chills, headaches, fever, hot flashes, sweat, and runny nose. These symptoms last until someone attempts to treat it, in which it shall go away after the course of 1d6 days.

Stage 2: Coddrow at stage two is more vexatious than before. It gives the host an intense fear of sharp, especially metallic objects. Making them roll disadvantage when involving themselves in anything relating to a sharp metallic object. Whenever the host is near one said object or is interacting with one they involuntarily go wide-eyed and start sweating.


Coddrow can be cured by simply facing the fears and consuming seafood for a week continuously, or by seeing a medic and have them notice the intense fear and symptoms. Which should make it quick to diagnose and easily treat.

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