The Stiffening (5e Curse)

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The Stiffening[edit]


The Stiffening can be broken by casting remove curse with a spell slot of 4th level or higher.

Alternatively, you can have your curse follow the examples set about in Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft on pgs. 192-193 by following the preload below.


Drinking Unholy water is a good way to get cursed, alternatively, disrespecting a holy temple or graveyard will get you cursed.


Upon contracting this curse, you have a disadvantage on ability checks, and your speed is reduced by 5. If you have not broken the curse yet, it will worsen incrementally. Every day the curse will weaken you -5 speed. The curse weakens your muscles and joints to the point of exhaustion. You will find it hard to move and walk, you would also suffer from dehydration and dry up. The victim receives two levels of exhaustion that can't be removed while the curse endures.


Drinking Holy water is the main way to break the spell. After consumption of the water, in about 4-5 minutes the effects of the curse will wear off.

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