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Hanahaki Disease[edit]

Brief description : Hanahaki disease is an ancient and fatal disease that only affects people whose love feelings are not shared by their beloved individual. There is a legend about the origin of this disease: a beautiful princess would have played with the feelings of a powerful magician who would have cursed her: she would be condemned to be loved by no one and to suffer from a disease as beautiful and as cruel as herself if one day she fell in love.

Symptoms : The disease makes the victim coughs up flower petals (precisely cherry blossom) when they suffer from a one-sided love.

Can we cure it?

There are not a lot of ways to cure this disease. It ends when the beloved returns their feelings (romantic love only; strong friendship is not enough), or when the victim dies. It can be cured through surgical removal, but the victim's romantic feelings for their love also simply and totally disappear when the infection is removed.

What are the consequences? The Creature suffering from this disease must make a DC 25 Constitution save, or cough up flower petals. It is an excessively unpleasant experience causing even respiratory distress to the sufferer. The danger of suffocation is great when one suffers from this disease. They take 3d10 necrotic damage, as per Inflict Wounds. Additionally, they must make a Wisdom save (DC 25) or suffer the effect of Vicious Mockery, damage and all. If the Wisdom save is a Natural 1, they completely break down in a coughing fit of tears and flower petals, counting as prone and incapacitated for 3d10 minutes. Chances of choking and causing almost irreversible damage to the creature's lungs and breathing capacity.

What if we die? If they die as a result of this disease, their soul, wracked with grief, slowly and painfully disintegrates...leaving them unable to be resurrected. Not even divine intervention by a normal god can bring them back, the deity must have a focus on love (e.g. Aphrodite, Eros and other gods from pure love, etc...). Some people mistake this disease with lovesickness. But they are different. Lovesickness is a real disease, on the other hand, Hanahaki disease is a fictional disease.

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