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Tunnel Vision[edit]

Contracting Tunnel Vision[edit]

Tunnel Vision is contracted via mass exposure to a single “edition”, whether through editing of a single system, consumption of content related to said system, or ignorance of other systems. It is non-biological, and cannot be transmitted, however the afflicted can push others into reaching a point where they become afflicted too.


Stage 1: The infected has difficulty reading between the lines, and occasionally cannot identify specific wording or phrases. If exposure continues for the next three weeks, it goes to stage 2.

Stage 2: The infected has trouble differentiating some numbers from 5, particularly 4 and 3. Again, if three weeks of overexposure pass, it reaches stage 3.

Stage 3: The infected can no longer tell apart very specific words, like Fortitude from Constitution. The effects of stage one continuously get worse, as they can now hardly read most text and assume it to be something else. This is the last stage that can be cured by normal means, and if overexposure proceeds for another three weeks, it reaches stage 4.

Stage 4: The infected no longer remembers or acknowledges the first four numbers, and assumes every instance of them to be 5. This stage can only be cured by the wish spell.


Tunnel Vision can be cured with lesser restoration cast at 5th level or higher, or by playing a different system for once in your life.

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