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Form Reconstruction[edit]

Contracting Form Reconstruction[edit]

A rare chemical produced in a magical lab will initialize the disease. A creature brought in contact with the chemical must make a DC 20 Con save or become infected. Also, one who is in Stage 5 and on till 6 can also spread (see stages).


Stage 1: The infected becomes a bit dizzy. They also sweat 50% more. This should not be easily discoverable as a sign of disease, so only a DC 25 Medicine check can recognize it as a disease. After 1d8 hours, the disease progresses to stage 2.

Stage 2: The infected is now sweating much more than they should be. They sweat constantly, and in times of heat or combat, they sweat enough to drain themselves clean. The infected gains one irremovable level of exhaustion. Also, in combat or in heat, they gain levels of exhaustion every 1d4 minutes (these can be restored by resting and/or drinking water). It is now clear they are infected with something. After D8 hours, they progress to stage 3.

Stage 3: The infected has all effects from stage 2. Also, their sweat now begins to take traces of skin with it. This can be noticed with a DC 20 Perception check. In times of heavy combat or stress, some internal organs begin to melt. This can only be noticed if melted substance drips of out the anus. After 1d8 - X hours, the disease progresses to stage 4. X is the time spent in combat (in minutes) multiplied by 30.

Stage 4: The infected begins to melt. It is slow at first, just a few droplets of skin falling off. However, it begins to speed up. After 1d4 hours, their body entirely collapses, melting into itself. The infected's walkspeed is reduced to 5 feet. They lose most of the physicality they had. They are now considered amorphous. Their height is reduced by 1 inch every minutes, and at the same, their width and length are increased by a quarter inch every minute. The rest of the matter melts into their body, or pools around them. After 30 minutes of this sped up melting, the disease progresses to stage 5.

Stage 5: The infected can no longer move. They stop melting, but their matter spreads out into a puddle their height (in inches) multiplied by 2 as its diameter. A creature that comes in contact with the substance begins to rapidly melt, have there matter drained in the puddle, increasing the diameter by their height in inches times 2. Once at least one creature has melted into the puddle with the infected, and 3d20 minutes after, the disease progresses to stage 6.

Stage 6: The puddle begins to take a shape again. The matter in it condenses and forms a being made of a combination of the creatures inside of it. It has a size level equal to all the creatures size levels together (anything smaller than tiny doesn’t count). Tiny: .5, Small: 1, Medium: 2, Large: 4, Huge: 8, Gargantuan: 16. This process of forming a creature takes 1d4 hours multiplied by the number of creatures - 1. A creature that comes in contact with this forming being take D1d20 acid damage. If this reduces the creature to 0 hit points, they are absorbed into the being, adding onto the list of creatures. The exhaustion level(s) are lost now. After the being is formed, the disease increases to stage 7.

Stage 7: The creature stabilizes. They are now a new creature. Their statistics are as follows.

Hit Points: All absorbed creatures max hit points added together.

STR: All absorbed creatures str added together / 2.

DEX: Average of all absorbed creatures dex × 0.75.

CON: All absorbed creatures con added together / 2.

INT: 10

WIS: All absorbed creatures wis added together - (# of absorbed creatures x 11)

CHA: 1d8

Proficiencies: All of the absorbed creatures combined.

Languages: All of the absorbed creatures combined.

AC: 15 + DEX (Unarmored defense)

This creature can have any appearance you like, whether a merge of each creatures appearance into one, or one being with 4 or more arms and 2 or more heads, each pair of arms and head resembling one of the creatures, or whatever else. It has a personality that is a conflicting mix of the creatures personalities and minds. Armor has to be custom made for the creature, and such. If the creature is made of multiple PC characters, they can share control. If made of PCs and NPCs, the PC remains in control, but the DM can make some decisions or such for them. If all NPCs, the creature is controlled by the DM.


In stages 1-3, the infected can be cured with any kind of healing spell that removes or cures diseases, in which case the disease reverses, losing stages every 1d8 hours like normal. During Stage 4, a spell of 6th level or higher can fix it. After this stage, the disease can only be cured with a wish spell, unless it is stage 7. In Stage 7, a spell of 6th level or higher can make the creatures deconstruct and form back into their forms. However, each one must make a DC 12 Con save or have stage 1 of the disease.

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