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Flame Venom[edit]

Contracting Flame Venom[edit]

Flame Venom can only be contracted through the bite of Drakuseth, Maw of Flames.


Stage 1: 1d4 minutes after contraction, the victim will take 14 (4d6) fire damage. All of their hair will fall out.

Stage 2: 2d4 minutes after contraction, the victim's skin will begin to harden, and their teeth and nails will sharpen into fangs and claws.

Stage 3: 1d8 minutes after stage 2, the victim will learn draconic and grow scales. Nubs will grow on their back.

Stage 4: 2d8 minutes after stage 2, the nubs will grow into wings, and the victim will become immune to fire and able to breath fire.

Stage 5: 1d12 minutes after stage 4, the victim will become chaotic evil, and will complete their transformation into a red dragon wyrmling.

Stage 6: 48d20 minutes after stage 5, the victim will grow into a young red dragon.


Flame Venom can be cured with greater restoration or with the blood of a white dragon.

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