Devil's Cuse (5e Curse)

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Design Note: This was made using Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft's version of curses.

Devil's Curse[edit]


The contract stated that those who fail to uphold their end of a bargain would become liars and have difficulty with their sense of self.


The attempted trickster feels out of place in their own body. They have disadvantage on all Charisma based ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws. Furthermore, they are unable to speak the truth about anything while the curse lingers, and succeeds on all saving throws that force the victim to speak the truth. The only exception to the lack of truth telling is when you are telling others why you are like this and to uphold your end of the bargain with the devil.


The Devil's Curse can be broken by fulfilling your end of the deal. The effects can be suppressed for an amount of days equal to half the level the remove curse spell was cast.

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