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Creeping Oak[edit]

Contacting Creeping oak[edit]

Imagine you kick down a door, and get a small splinter. No big deal, right? Wrong, because you might have been infected with Creeping Oak, a disease that will very slowly and painfully turn you into a tree. These trees look like any normal tree, except their sap is red, and they smell of meat when burned. Infection spreads from splinters that come from people already transformed. The origin of the illness was a twisted druid who cursed their enemy, not knowing that the curse would spread.


After contacting creeping oak,a character must roll a 15 DC Constitution saving throw every 24 hours,if they do not succeed this saving throw,they suffer a penalty to their Dexterity equal to 1d4 Once their Dexterity score is underneath 7,a creature affected by this curse's walking speed is halved. If your dexterity becomes 0 this way,you do not die,instead you fall into a coma,your speed becomes 0,and your body will start trying to intrench itself into the ground,piercing materials on which you are standing or lying upon trying to find ground. After your dexterity becomes 0,your character will start manifesting itself into a tree,losing all humanity in the process,after 3 days,they will completely become a tree,and die.

Curing the curse[edit]

Curing this curse requires a greater restoration spell,alternatively a cursed character may choose to drink purple worm poison,ending the curse on themselves if they survive

After the character has been completely turned into a tree, a resurrection spell can turn them back.

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