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Curse of the River Goddess[edit]

This curse was a tried-and-true favorite of followers of an obscure forgotten goddess, and since then has outlived its designers. Traditionally, the curse is inflicted upon thieves who steal from temples, or vandals who desecrate holy sites. The vengeful deity in question always has power over nature or the element of water.

During the first seven days in which you are afflicted by the curse, in your sleep you will experience vivid dreams in which the vengeful deity warns you of your transgression and what you can do to make amends. During this initial grace period, you will suffer from chronic bouts of light-headedness, cold sweats, and dryness of the throat and mouth, although it isn't bad enough to have any game effect.

Beginning with the dawn of the eighth day, you begin to suffer from a raging thirst which no amount of drink can quench. Your daily water requirements are tripled, and your maximum hit point score is reduced by 2 for every hit die you possess, to a minimum of 1. This maximum hit point reduction cannot be healed as long as you suffer from the curse. In addition, you have disadvantage on Strength checks and saving throws.

At the dawn of the thirtieth day since you were afflicted by the curse, your symptoms worsen to the point that you are half-dead from dehydration. Your daily water requirements are sextupled, and your speed cannot exceed 10 feet. Whenever you take an action on your turn, you must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 5, +5 for every save you have made), or collapse from exhaustion, falling unconscious for 1d4 hours. The DC resets at the end of a short or long rest.

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