The Red Plague (5e Disease)

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The Red Plague[edit]

This is diseases is meant to be used with the dire diseases variant rule.

If you don't want to use those rules you can consider what I call a "greater diseases" to be the name of the sickness and the "lesser diseases" to be the side effects.

Contracting The Red Plague[edit]

Contract from vampires vampire spawn and ghouls and any one infected) If the blood of some thing with the Red Plague gets in your blood. (if a pc is bleeding (even a little) ((has taken any slashing or pericing damage)) and Some of there infested blood gets on them there is a good chance they are infected(Note if a creature with this plague coughs on them Or is attacked by them its likely some of the blood will splatter) If infested by blood splattler then con save vs getting infected is 14. If infested blood is injected in to body then dc save is 18 and the target has disadvtange on the con save in this case.)


Grater Sickness: The Red Plague: One rest after this sickness is gained the target gains the first 3 lesser sicknesses if one of them is removed then its replaced in 1d4 hours.

  1. Red marking: You as marked as an infected by the color red. Your blood becomes a deep red, your vians red, your tounge and gums deep red, Under your fingers and just about any where that blood can color a body part. Your blood is also thicker and sticky and it stays red even long after its out of your body. You shall offten cough up blood, your tears shall be blood and you will even piss blood. AND when you take slashing damage of 5 or more your blood splatters out in a 5 feet aoe splash.)
  2. Red Hunger: Your body rejects any thing that isn't fresh flesh raw and dripping with blood. (meaning you can't eat any thing that isn't fresh raw bloody meat and if you don't eat you'll strave) IF some one goes 3 days with out food and then they see or smell blood (not there own) they will have to make a will 10+(days gone with out eatting) to resit attacking and trying to eat the bleeding thing/person. (they can repeat the same will cheek each turn to stop them selfs)
  3. Red Mania. The target will start to think they must drink the blood of huminoid beings But the mind will make up its own resoasn why(The gm can use voices, or fake meta info or even give them stat boosts or regained hp form doing this, don't just tell them that they want to drink blood(unless you want to) try to play mind games to trick them in to thinking it would be a grater idea. Ex. You could have a totem barbarian learn form one of its totem spirts that he can gain power from eatting the hearts of his foes. Or if a paladin really wants a cure they could get a vision form there got a set type of creature (that happens to be humanoid and also likely one of there foes's blood is one of the ingredients in the cure.) Both the message form set god and or sprit is fake. Feel free to even give them neagtive effects if they don't drink blood. If there mind deeply thinks they will become weaker or slower because of the lack of blood then it can lower stats. (have it be the ones most important to the pc and have it get worse over time). If the player decides to injest the blood of a humnoid creature then the The Red Plague becomes a curse and is no longer a cureable as a sickness. A remove curse must be used on each of the lesser effects before the Red Plague can be removed BUT every d4 hours after 1 of the lesser effects is removed it is returned. (So you'd need to remove all the lesser curse effects and then the main curse to fully remove the cruse or else the main curse will just keep replaceing the lesser curses faster than they can be removed)

After the Red Plague becomes a curse these lesser effects are added.

  1. Red Thrist. If the effected see's or smells fresh blood they must make a will save DC 10+days with out drinking blood(of hunimoid beings) If they fail they must attack the bleeding person and try to drink there blood and or eat there flesh. (they may repeat the will save once every 1d10 turns) If they don't snap out of it they will keep eatting flesh/and or drinking blood until the bleeding creature is dead and no more blood left. AND every day they don't drink blood/and or eat flesh from a humnoid being there max hp is lowerd by 5.
  2. Tooth and Claw: The infested gains (must grapple before using bite)(2d6 + str) piercing damage bite attack and 2d4+str slashing claw attack.
  3. The Red Change: If the infested reistses the changes and only eat/and or drinks blood/flesh when they fail the will cheeks then they turn in to a ghoul but if they maintain self control by chooseing to drink blood then they turn in to a vampire spawn.

Each time They take blood/or flesh of a humnoid creature the next time they rest they gain a point of change. (each point should make them look a little bit more like the monster they are turning in to but the way in witch this happens is up to the gm.) When they get 10 points they start to die.

Unless holy magic stablizes them they make a death saving throw every turn upon wining the death saving throws new ones start the very next turn if they are stablized by holy magic then this happens again the next time they eat flesh/and or drink blood. Should they die with 10 change points then the infested dies at this stage they rise as a ghoul(or vampire spwan if that is what they were turning in to) in (roll 1d100 (1-20= 1d10 turns) (21-40=1d10 hours) (41-60=1d10 days) (61-99=1d10 weeks) (100= they leap up right away with full health and get to make one turn before combat starts)

Optinal Note! (if while dying the infested either eats the heart or drinks enough blood from a humonid being to kill that person then they stablize AND they gain another change point IF they get 100 change points Then they turn in to a full on Vampire.)


<Disease> can be cured with lesser restoration .

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