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Trumpet's Bane[edit]

This curse is most often contracted when stealing church instruments, intentionally disrupting holy days with loud and shrill music, by making public predictions of non existing apocalypses or from mistreatment of good-aligned bards.

The creature affected by this curse constantly hears blaring trumpets in their ears. It has disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks relying on hearing as well as Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration. It recovers only a quarter instead of half its Hit Dice after taking a long rest, as sleeping becomes nearly impossible. (rounded down) If not treated soon, the curse drives a person to madness from never being able to rest and focus. A creature that finishes a long rest while suffering this curse must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or suffer a short-term madness. The DC is 5 + the number of long rests taken while under the effects of the curse. If failed by 5 or more, the madness is long-term instead.

In addition to a remove curse spell, a creature can atone for its crimes and thus get rid of the curse. It could return the stolen instruments, help preparing the next holy day, calm the panicked mob preparing for the end times or sincerely apologize to the bard.

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