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Project G.O.R.O.[edit]

A picture of Majima taken from Yakuza Kiwami: Majima everywhere system, featuring his iconic outfit. More info on him here.


You know that somewhere, somehow, someone is looking for you, stalking you. Around every corner lurks a person, a beast, a creature. Lurking around every corner, hiding under every street, every bridge, and hiding under every street light. Watch out, or else you may get caught in one hell of a fi- KIRYU-CHAN!

The person that stalks you can look like anything, anyone, and be anywhere.

Majima can appear to interfere in battles by joining the hostile creature's side, but Majima doesn't kill anyone who is a PC but can kill NPCs. Majima can choose a PC as their "Kiryu-chan" or it can be random by rolling a 1d# amount of PCs (might need a custom die). This curse can't be broken by casting remove curse or any spell similar to it. But this curse can be broken by fighting Majima until the last level of G.O.R.O. Each time a creature is attacked by Majima and they win the fight, they gain a Madness level, the removal of this curse is based around Madness levels listed below. Majima's base HP gains a minus to it, making it (100, next level would be 110, 120, etc.) other things also increase, they can also be found in the Madness table below. Everything listed in the table is the total of the increases and they do not stack with other Madness levels.

Majima gains the following features added to his stat block:

"I ain't here to kill ya, I am just here to train ya!" If Majima's "Kiryu-chan" defeats him, they get advantage on everything for the next 2d8 hours. If Majima beats his "Kiryu-chan", their movement speed is halved and gains disadvantage on everything for the next 2d8 hours. Majima will leave his "Kiryu-chan" alone until the effects of the victory or loss end. Majima also comes back stronger than before every time the PC has leveled up, Majima's damage and attack rolls increase by a +1, for a maximum stack is a +5.

"This battle is just for the two of us!" Any creature that interrupts Majima's battle with his "Kiryu-chan", the interfering creatures get disadvantage on their attack rolls against him for the rest of the battle.

Master Disguiser. Majima has multiple outfits ideas to trick his "Kiryu-chan" depending on the setting it can be something like an Officer (Law bringer/enforcer), a Trap (Escort), a Zombie (Undead), a Bartender, a Taxi driver (Carriage driver), a Hannya mask man dressed in a tuxedo, and everyone's favorite Idol (famous Bard). It can be anything else too depending on the DM interpretation of it being anything else to make it fit the theme, but having only his facial and body structure stays the same, including his eyepatch. The "Kiryu-chan" must attempt a Wisdom (Insight) check against Majima's Charisma (Deception) roll if they encounter him in one of the various outfits, other creatures can also attempt the check but instead rolling with disadvantage.

Madness LEVEL Madness
G -20 to hp (100 HP)
F -10 to hp (110 HP)
E Normal HP (120 HP)
D +5 to HP (125 HP)
C +10 HP (130 Hp)
B +15 to hp (135 HP)
A +20 to hp (140 HP)
S +25 to hp (145 HP)
SS +30 to hp (150 HP) and +1 to base strength score (17) and Dexterity score (21) +1 to AC (17)
SSS +35 to hp (155 HP) and +2 to base strength score (18) and Dexterity score (22) +2 to AC (18)
MAD DOG +40 to hp (160 HP) and +4 to base strength score (20) and Dexterity score (24) +3 to AC (19)

When the PC beats the Mad dog level, the curse is broken and Majima will ask the "Kiryu-chan" to choose between a replica of Majima's weapon or gain a combat feature. The total of the increases are listed next to the bonuses in the table above.

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