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Paladin Spells

1st-Level Spells

  • Armor of Othrys The creature you touch glows with an aura that resembles moving spectral magma, creating a burning shield.
  • Armour of Jenova You summon a colourful aura of aberrant energy around you that harms creatures close to you.
  • Astral Sacrifice This spell reduces the caster's maximum HP to 5, and blocks any other maximum hp reduction, dismissable any time by the target if conscious
  • Divine Armor When the divines themselves grant you their blessings, none shall ever harm those they protect.
  • Endure Elements Protection from normal environmental hazards.
  • Enhanced Durability A useful spell for temporarily increasing durability by increasing AC and granting temp HP.
  • False Blade Afraid your 9th level spell might actually kill someone? Well no more!
  • Rune Strike
  • Shield of Stasis You create an invisible barrier of stasis in front of a creature or object that intercepts spells, creatures, projectiles, etc. and traps them in time.
  • Suppress Pain
  • Surge Accelerates a creature's action to a bonus action.
  • Conjure Ammunition Conjure a handful of ammunition.
  • Magic Scimitar
  • Planar Calling You summon creatures from other worlds to fight by your side.
  • Summon Weapon Summon a weapon or object from a pocket dimension into your hand.
  • Uncanny Outfitting Any armor or attire you are wearing is instantly doffed, and at your option any armor or attire stowed on your person is instantly donned in its place.
  • Wreath of Life You chant a mystic incantation, creating a magical garland on the head of an ally. If it is not destroyed, it restores their health.
  • Detect Weapons For the duration, you sense the presence of manufactured weapons within 30 feet of you.
  • Divine Empowerment A willing creature is imbued with the power of a god
  • Minor Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
  • Aether: Ascent A blast of wind magic allows you to throw your sword upwards with great strength, lifting your target off the ground or ascending great heights.
  • Aether: Quickdraw By invoking wind magic around the blade in you hand, you are given a moment of intense speed as you slash; propelling yourself forward to strike a distant target.
  • Blast Cast Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of spells.
  • Dongle's All-Purpose Mending A general purpose spell, invented by Dongle, that combines the effects of Cure Wounds and Mending, to a certain extent.
  • Energy Beat You create a mote of radiant light that hovers above your head. It lasts for the duration.
  • Frost Strike Infuses your weapon with the power of frost.
  • Healing Dagger Creates a shining dagger which heals those that gets hit by it, instead of inflicting damage.
  • Light Drive An orb of radiant power forming a line 60 feet long and 5 feet wide blasts out from you in a direction you choose.
  • Metaphysical Smite
  • Phoenix Wave You put your hand out in front of you or you focus this spell onto a weapon you move your hand or weapon in a sideways slashing motion causes a firey wave to apear from your weapon or hands then sendng the firey wave out 20 feet infront of you.
  • Pity of Acherus A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Alternatively, when you cast this spell you can make a melee spell attack roll against an undead creature within your reach.
  • Spin Attack
  • Spirit Excalibur Summon an obscenely long sword of energy.
  • Water of Life A creature you touch, which must be in a body of running water, regains a number of hit points equal to 1d12 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Blood Lust You sacrifice some blood to increase the power of your weapon attacks.
  • Cell Decomposition You cause a creature's cells to gradually deteriorate.
  • Curse Water
  • Death Grip You seize the essence of a creature in range and pull it towards you.
  • Drain smite Use your holy magic to damage your foes and heal yourself
  • Flame of Life Reignite a creature's inner spark with literal fire.
  • Tears of Denial You offer a prayer to your god to save one creature from death, and they respond by granting that creature another chance.
  • Touch of Unlife Invigorate the undead with health-restoring vigor.
  • Bless Water
  • Consecrate Weapon Imbue your melee weapon with holy might.
  • Restore You repair a small item or restore a magical effect on an object, depending on its type.
  • Sword Trap Defensive spell that allows you to stop enemies from using weapons, like a different version of the shield spell.
Needs Work
  • Decaying Necrostrike Strike a creature with your weapon and infect them with an unholy decay.
  • Eruption A derivative of the Flare Blade Spell meant for stronger casters and weaponry. The blade is enwreathed in blue flame that grows to a white intensity as the spell is held, eventually resulting in a massive explosion that threatens to consume even its caster.
  • Eruption Counter A variant of the Flare Counter meant to be used with a larger weapon and deal greater damage. However, unlike the Flare Counter, this spell cannot be used consecutively.
  • Fits o' Laughter Disable your foes with fits of uncontrollable laughter!
  • Know Thy Foe A spell that lets the caster peer into the defenses of their target.
  • Scan Divine a deeper understanding of a creature

2nd-Level Spells

  • Blocking Blade You summon a blade of mystical energy to protect creatures around you
  • Bound Item An Item you have previously bound returns to you from a long distance.
  • Bound Weapon A weapon you have previously bound to you returns to you from almost any distance.
  • Spaghetti Spaghetti. Mix some flour with some water and shout "Spaghetti!" at it, roll a d6 to determine the outcome!
  • Air Bubble An object or creature in range is surrounded with a 2-foot-diameter sphere of clean, pure air for the duration, which suppresses water or unclean air.
  • Control Sunlight You create a lingering burst of sunlight which blinds creatures and deals radiant damage.
  • Crono's Energy Invoke divine time magic to hasten a cantrip.
  • Elemental Blade You create a weapon of ice, fire, or lightning in your hand.
  • Omega Finishing Blow Focused arcane energy into the fist, released into a a strong blow.
  • Skysmite Summons a lightning bolt to deal Lightning and Radiant damage
  • Sun Strike
  • Hydra Hydra, the 3+ headed beast
  • Major Stasis A large object or creature is stopped in time unless touched.
  • Reversal You reverse the effects of one spell affecting a willing creature or an object.
Needs Work

3rd-Level Spells

  • Convalescence A wave of warm, blue healing energy washes over a creature within range, healing its wounds.
  • Magic Speed You move in the blink of an eye, literally, you can blink twice your movement speed.
  • Monolith Create a stone pillar that radiates healing energy.
  • Local Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents, not its exact location.
  • Soul Reading You target a focal point in sight and read the souls of any being within a radius around it.
  • Enchant Item This spell both adds progress to crafting magic items and can be required to finish the enchantment of an item.
  • Halo Create a golden halo that provides protection to a creature.
  • Lesser Zone of Euphemisms Twisting the framework of communication itself, you create a space where proper etiquette is compulsory.
  • Mass Mental Binding The targets believe that they are bound
  • Shard of Hope You cause motes of light to radiate from an ally, strengthening the resolve of allies.
  • Blazing Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duration, your weapon roars with divine flame.
  • Chaotic Smite You call upon chaos & draw forth divine power from its tempestuous depths.
  • Freidyne With a somatic gesture, you evoke a spherical blast of white light at a point within range.
  • Frigid Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack before this spell ends, the weapon is enshrouded in freezing energy, and the attack deals an extra 3d8 cold damage to the target.
  • Great Lightning Spear A miracle that launches a great spear of lightning. Said to be the legacy of an ancient clan whose leader was revered as the God of Sun.
  • Lesser Purge You conjure a drop of pure divinity from your god or patron, letting the raw power burst out to consume those around you.
  • Light of Celestia Your body glows with a celestial light that can be expended as an attack.
  • Mass Arcane Cure With the power of the arcane arts of a Magister you can heal more than 1 creature at a time
  • Radiant Pulse You channel divine power directly down from the heavens on a target or a point in range.
  • Spellbreaking Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duration, your weapon sunders a spellcaster's ability to cast spells.
  • Sunspark You create a brilliant, blinding glowing orb to illuminate the way before you.
  • Erode Defenses You thin down at the natural and unnatural defenses of your enemies, opening up a weakness within them.
  • Magic Vestment You touch a suit of nonmagical armor or nonmagical shield. For the duration, that armor or shield becomes a magic item that provides a +1 bonus to the wearer's or wielder's AC.
  • Spiritual Arsenal You are bestowed with divine power in order to wage war with evil & protect the innocent.
Needs Work
  • Energizing Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack before this spell ends, the weapon sends electrifying energy through the target's body, and the attack deals an extra 3d8 lightning damage to the target.

4th-Level Spells

  • Aura of Embers You radiate an aura of comforting warmth out to a range of 30 feet, and for the duration this aura moves with you, centered on you.
  • Defender of Life You radiate a field of protective magic out to a range of 15 feet, which preserves life. This area moves with you, centered on you.
  • Prayer of Protection You beseech your god, praying for additional protection.
  • Prayer of Strength You beseech your god, praying for additional strength of arms.
  • Shield, Hyrulean you have resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage
  • Sun Ward You call upon the life-giving power of the sun to protect yourself.
  • Discern Lies You hone your mind and sense when those around you lie.
  • 6/8 Time Beatdown Gives your allies an extra attack once every three turns and boost their attacks
  • Aura of Victory Righteous fury radiates from you in an aura.
  • Celestial Storm Summon a swirling storm of blinding light to hinder your enemies
  • Choke You raise your hand and choke up to six creatures within range and elevating them several inches off the ground.
  • Divine Power Calling upon the divine power of your patron, you imbue yourself with strength and skill in combat.
  • Divine Punishment Using both an action and a main action and movement, The user will call to tehre god and slam there hands with an explosion of holy flames destroying there foes. Doing 4d10 Holy Flame damage. Dealing damage to his enemy's, his allies and himself.
  • Fantasy Seal You create six multicolored orbs of divine energy, and then direct each one to hit a creature of your choice that you can see within range.
  • Illumination You create a bright light that augments sight and reveals what is hidden.
  • Incinerating Impacts A melee weapon in range begins to visibly glow a dim red color, and its strikes can become empowered with flame.
  • Lightning Strike
  • Touched by the Sun
  • Agonizing Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack before this spell ends, the weapon sends waves of excruciating pain through the creature's body, and the attack deals an extra 5d8 necrotic damage to the target.
  • Jumpstart Temporarily cause a person to die in order to fully revive them.
  • Blade Bane Choose one creature you can see within range, and choose one of the following damage types: bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing.
  • Pebble Blink Blink with the party to the place where you picked up a pebble earlier in the adventure.
Needs Work

5th-Level Spells

  • Circle of Magic Resistance You create a 15-foot radius sphere of protective energy, centered on you, shielding yourself and nonhostile creatures in this area from the effects of harmful spells.
  • Perfect Cube Conjure an invincible cube.
  • Power Word Recharge Oh, the only way to regain expended charges is by waiting it out, you say?
  • Call of Crusaders Raise your weapon high as you call forth spectral Paladins from your deity.
  • Five Sided Shelter 'By completing The Trial of the Green Lion from the Five Faced King, you are granted a space to seek refuge from the elements and rest peacefully'
  • Hell Smite The next time you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack during this spell's duraion, you literally send it to hell.
  • Direct Strike You gain insight into the target's defenses, making it easier to land critical hits.
  • Diluvian Wave You strike the ground, causing flood waters of old to surge from the ground and sweep away your enemies.
  • Force Wave
  • Healer of Multitudes
  • Judgement You cause a ray of magical light to strike a creature within range, leaving it extremely vulnerable to magic.
  • Stardown Part the sky itself!
  • Sunbeams Raising your arms, the sun lights concentrate at your hands and pointing to a enemy you can throw a ray and cause a lot of radiant damage, as a sequence of this, you heal all allies in a 15 ft.
  • Sunlight Spear One of the ancient original miracles, that launches a spear of sunlight.
  • Swift Blade Bane A slashing force that powers your blade, infusing it with magical power.
  • Wave of Obliteration
  • Atlantean Weapon You imbue a weapon you touch with the elemental power of the deep blue sea.
  • Disintegrating Smite The next time you hit a target with a weapon attack before this spell ends, your weapon crackles with force.
  • Disrupting Weapon Make a melee weapon deadly to undead, destroying them utterly if struck in combat with this weapon.
  • Gliding Light
  • Healing Fire Transmute magic fire into healing
  • Stamp The study of negative energy has allowed you to understand how to share it's affects with others
Needs Work
  • Field of Vineyards A field of vines and poisonous roses emerges making the area difficult to walk and causing damage
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