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9th-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Special (Cannot be cast indoors. If cast, it can be cast straight up from the caster or at an angle, causing the effect exactly 1 mile away, with a radius that just reaches the caster.)
Components: V, S
Duration: Special

Design Note: This spell uses the Enhanced Existence Magic Overhaul homebrew ruleset. As a result, if it is cast at 10th level it can bypass other class specific requirements, and is both Evocation and Abjuration magic. See the ruleset for clarification on what that means before calling the spell overpowered. Please?

Note: Casters of each class have different requirements for casting this spell. Paladins can only cast this spell if they have all of their spellslots, have a spell scroll of the spell, and cast it as a ritual spell with a minute casting time. If they succeed in this, they spend all of their spellslots to cast the spell at 5th level. Clerics can cast this spell normally, but can cast it for free as one way to use Divine Intervention, depending on their deity's disposition. Druids can cast this spell normally but cannot cast other spells for a minute, and Sorcerers can cast this spell normally but only after using a Wish to allow themselves to do so. They need only cast Wish once to unlock the ability to cast this spell forever, but they need to know the spell already, wishing for knowledge of the spell is separate, though unnecessary if they can find this knowledge on their own.

Stardown is a spell that sends a blast of light and fire into the sky with such ferocity that it instantly carves a mile large hole in any cloud line. Any storm, natural or otherwise, of any size, is forced apart by this spell, and cannot reform for 24 hours. Besides the mile large hole, it can take the spell longer to part the clouds, at a rate of 1 mile an hour. No magic of a creature or deity of the same basic alignment as the caster (Ignoring Chaotic, Neutral and Lawful) can be dispelled if it is under the mile area the spell affects, except by the caster of that spell or the caster of this spell. The caster's magic of any kind cannot be dispelled in the radius of the spell, except by the caster.

For all the following effects, creatures that are the same basic alignment as the caster or are considered the caster's allies are unaffected by effects that destroy them or end their Lycanthropy, unless stated by the caster that they will be affected before casting the spell.

Additionally, if cast during the day, all Undead that can be turned are instantly turned, destroying them in the process, assuming they touch the light. Vampires can be turned by this effect. Any Lycanthropes hit by this light are instantly cured of their Lycanthropy. Any disease or curse not made by the caster is cured or ended immediately under the light of the spell, and all allies of the caster cannot be afflicted by any disease or curse while under the spell's light. If cast during the night, all shapechangers glow a silvery color of dim light to a 5 foot radius even when not in the moonlight. They become immune to spells that affect shapechangers, can't be cured of their Lycanthropy while under the spell's light and gain a +3 bonus to their AC and saving throws until the spell ends. The Verbal components of the spell, in addition to normal spell wording, include the caster yelling the spell's name as it's cast at peak volume. The spell fails if this does not occur, meaning it cannot be cast covertly.

Finally, if cast during the day, the sun shines through the opening. If cast at night, the moon shines through the opening. This occurs regardless of their positions (Or in the moon's case, its phase) prior to the spell's use, though it does not affect the actual positions of either celestial bodies (Though it can appear to).

(DM Note: The spell can be treated as two spells, one for the day, and the other for the night. If so, the day version would be called by a different name, such as Daybreak.)

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