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1st-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 action, channelable
Range: Touch/15ft radius/15ft line
Components: S, M (Greatsword)
Duration: Up to 24 seconds

The spell is castable only through a greatsword or other two handed sword variants and can be channeled for up to four turns. The spell deals 2d10 fire damage to one melee range target in front of you if cast and released instantly. However, the spell grows in intensity as it is held, growing to 3d10 fire damage on turn two and increasing the radius of the blast to target all creatures adjacent to you. On turn three, the fire damage is increased further to 4d10 but the spell now burns the caster for half the damage it deals and takes on additional effects. The blast radius is now 10ft in all directions and the blast now sends out a pillar of flame 5ft beyond the blast radius in front of you, which deals half the fire damage of the blast if it strikes a target. This pillar does not strike targets already hit by the blast and does not add to the recoil damage of the initial blast. On turn four the spell reaches its maximum intensity, dealing 5d10 fire damage to all targets in a 15ft radius and sending out three pillars of flame, one after the other, for 15ft beyond the blast radius in front of you.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher the initial damage of this spell is increased by 1d10 and the blast radius is increased by 5ft for every other spell slot level used for this spell.

Note: For example, if the spell is cast with a 2nd level spell slot, the initial damage is 3d10 and ramps up to 6d10 on turn four, the blast radius being 20 instead of 15. However, the blast radius does not increase by 5 again when using a 3rd level slot, but does increase when using a 4th level slot, again when using a 6th, and 8th. This spell is made in reference to Ike's Neutral B from Super Smash Brothers. (We like Ike) Also to be noted, the recoil damage is ONLY the damage of the dice roll rather than the AOE damage. For example, you hit six targets for 30 damage, resulting in 180 total. Instead of taking 90 damage, you take the 15 of the initial damage roll.

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