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Bound Item
2nd-level conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 1 hour (or 1 action)
Range: See text
Components: V, M (The Item you are binding)
Duration: Instantaneous

Over the course of the ritual, and while holding or wearing an item which you can carry that isn't attuned to anyone other than yourself, you attempt a binding on the item. Once complete, and if you don't already have the maximum number of items attuned, or you are already attuned to the item, you successfully bind the item to yourself and attune to it if necessary. This binding persists as long as you are attuned to the item.

As an action, you may call an item you have previously bound. When called, a bound item of your choice which is on the same plane as you immediately appears in your free hand or on your person. If you don't have a free hand, or are already wearing an item of the same type, or the item is not on the same plane as you are, your action is spent and the item does not appear. If you or the item travel into an antimagic field, the binding is suppressed, preventing you from summoning the item until neither you or the item are in an antimagic field.

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