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Damian's Traveler Mark
4th-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 Action
Range: Touch
Components: V/S/M (A page of paper with the spell's formula)
Duration: Instantaneous

Upon learning this spell, the caster must spend 10 minutes with a caligraphy set to create a special and unique formula for this spell to be used through, This can be done on a short or long rest Upon casting the spell, the user's spell formula appears on the surface of whatever the caster was making physical contact with with their hands (people, weapons etc) and the spell slot is used up. From this point onwards this mark will always be there unless the user willingly makes it dissapear, or the object is harmed in a way that interrupts the formula. if a person with this mark dies, the mark will stay on their physical body unless the conditions stated previously are met

As a bonus action at any moment after the placement of a mark the user may teleport to a mark of their choosing neigh-instantly accompanied by their unique effect (the sound of whipping, a yellow flash and so on). Teleporting to a mark within 50ft of the user is treated as a cantrip (and thus, the user may instead teleport to one mark and another before ending their turn). then 50+ feet will use up a first level spell slot and so on untill the 7th level spell slot, at which point the user may teleport directly to anywhere on their plane (the distances each slot allows is up to the DM), 8th level spell slots allow for teleportation to nearby planes and a 9th level spell slot allows the user to teleport to their mark regardless where it is. Some barriers or other events may increase boundaries for this (1st level spell slot to teleport 30ft out of a magical barrier for example)

Alternatively, This spell can be cast as a reaction when being attacked by someone/thing the user can react to (in other words, attacks/spells with an attack roll). In this case they have to either be able to dodge the attack regardless (Have a higher ac) or if the attack would normally hit them, roll a DEX save at a dc of the attack's attack roll+3 (or more if the gm wishes) to teleport to a mark within cantrip-level distance

it is possible to bring along other people while teleporting, in which case the limit of people the user can bring is their class level divided by 4 rounded to the nearest full number (in the event of multiclassing, the class with which the caster learned the spell is used, and their other fullcaster classes add onto this with another class divided by 4, and half-casters divided by 6). In order to bring someone else when teleporting the user must make physical contact with them, or have something/one they're making physical contact with make physical contact with them. If the caster wishes they can teleport an item to a place with a mark (i.e a sword they're holding to an ally) without teleporting themself or vice versa, teleporting themself without things they're holding. if two things have a mark on themself the user can teleport one to the other aslong as what they're teleporting is within 10ft of them

The caster can carry more people than their limit at the cost of a point of exhaustion (though the caster cannot do this if they have 2 or more points of exhaustion) aswell as extend their range of teleportation for a spell slot (a 1st level spell slot taking them a distance a 2nd level spell slot would) for one exhaustion for each "level up"

The spell's formula is 5 inches across and 2 inches high, and so anything smaller than this cannot be marked (though the formula can be looped around things like orbs, aslong as the formula can go in a straight line without going over itself). If the paper with the formula is destroyed (ripped, burned etc) the caster will lose acess to all marks made with said formula, they will either haven to create a new one through the same process as listed above or spend an hour and use caligraphy tools to re-create the mark (at a dc determinated by the DM) to regain all marks

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