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This template is used to give contextual explanation for content which may be contentious or difficult to visualize, in the interest of preventing edit/flame wars on the wiki and debates at the table. This template is not justification for broken, unfinished, unbalanced, or incomprehensible design, (see Help:Precedent) nor is this template intended to identify pages as being incomplete or broken. It is designed to communicate an unusual fringe-case piece of homebrew which is conditionally problematic, and requires special consideration. In other words, this template is used to shut down grey-area debates regarding the word "balance" without being forced to give certain pages permanent imbalance templates demanding correction, or allowing questionable balance pages to go unmarked. It is our acknowledgement that the word "balance" is fundamentally subjective. To use it simply copy and fill out the following code:

{{Design Disclaimer|<!--The edition the content is for-->|<!--The exact use(s) which may be problematic for some users.-->}}

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