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New World+[edit]

Being built on the back of the real world, any traditional miscellaneous creatures are available for use. Theoretically, any creatures from the SRD can be used except for most NCPs and Undead, due to distinct versions existing, but they should do so in a way that the general populace is completely unaware of them.

This content deviates from 5e standards. Its use could dramatically alter campaigns, take extreme care. DesignDisclaimer.png
Caution - Here there be monsters!
This content intends to provide a different experience, or goes beyond the scope of the anticipated subjects and situations, than the 5e rules were intended to handle. Some portions of the content below may not be what you expect from traditional game content. When implementing this content, DMs and Players should read over all the information carefully, and consider the following specific notes of interest:
CR is based on what level of PC they represent, rather than at what level a party should be to equal them. For more information on this, as well as categorization, see talk page.

Framework Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Ancient Zombie (JJBA Supplement) 5
Hamon Healer (JJBA Supplement) 1/4
Hamon User (JJBA Supplement) 1/2
Horse, Vampiric (JJBA Supplement) 5
Soldier, JJBA Campaign Setting (JJBA Supplement) 3
Spin User (JJBA Supplement) 2
Stand User (JJBA Supplement) 2
UV Soldier (JJBA Supplement) 4
Vampire (JJBA Supplement) 10
Zombie (JJBA Supplement) 1/4

Part 1 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Bruford (JJBA Supplement) 7
Dio Brando, Variant (JJBA Supplement) 14
Dire (JJBA Supplement) 8
Doobie (JJBA Supplement) 6
Jonathan Joestar (JJBA Supplement) 14
Speedwagon (JJBA Supplement) 2
Straits (JJBA Supplement) 7
Tarkus (JJBA Supplement) 8
Tompetty (JJBA Supplement) 7
Wang Chan (JJBA Supplement) 6
William Zeppeli (JJBA Supplement) 10

Part 2 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Caesar Zeppeli (JJBA Supplement) 11
Esidisi (JJBA Supplement) 14
Joseph Joestar (JJBA Supplement) 13
Kars (JJBA Supplement) 15
Lisa Lisa (JJBA Supplement) 12
Santana (JJBA Supplement) 10
Straits, Vampiric (JJBA Supplement) 12
Stroheim (JJBA Supplement) 10
Ultimate Kars (JJBA Supplement) 30
Wamuu (JJBA Supplement) 12

Part 3 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Alessi (JJBA Supplement) 7
Anubis (JJBA Supplement) 16
Arabia Fats (JJBA Supplement) 2
Boingo (JJBA Supplement) 1/2
Cameo (JJBA Supplement) 9
Captain Tennille (JJBA Supplement) 14
Daniel J. D'Arby (JJBA Supplement) 2
Devo (JJBA Supplement) 8
DIO (JJBA Supplement) 17
Enya (JJBA Supplement) 12
Forever (JJBA Supplement) 9
Gray Fly (JJBA Supplement) 7
Hol Horse (JJBA Supplement) 12
Iggy (JJBA Supplement) 13
J. Geil (JJBA Supplement) 12
Jean Pierre Polnareff (JJBA Supplement) 17
Joseph, Hermit (JJBA Supplement) 12
Jotaro Kujo (JJBA Supplement) 17
Kenny G. (JJBA Supplement) 1/2
Mannish Boy (JJBA Supplement) 5
Mariah (JJBA Supplement) 8
Midler (JJBA Supplement) 10
Muhammad Abdul (JJBA Supplement) 14
N'Doul (JJBA Supplement) 13
Nena (JJBA Supplement) 10
Noriaki Kakyoin (JJBA Supplement) 14
Oingo (JJBA Supplement) 1/2
Pet Shop (JJBA Supplement) 13
Rubber Soul (JJBA Supplement) 8
Steely Dan (JJBA Supplement) 4
Telence T. D'Arby (JJBA Supplement) 1
Vanilla Ice (JJBA Supplement) 16
ZZ (JJBA Supplement) 9

Part 4 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Anjuro Katagiri (JJBA Supplement) 13
Aya Tsuji (JJBA Supplement) 1
Bug-Eaten (JJBA Supplement) 5
Josuke Higashikata (JJBA Supplement) 17
Jotaro Kujo, Part 4 (JJBA Supplement) 16
Keicho Nijimura (JJBA Supplement) 14
Ken Oyanagi (JJBA Supplement) 1
Koichi Hirose (JJBA Supplement) 15
Masazo Kinoto (JJBA Supplement) 18
Mikitaka Hazekura (JJBA Supplement) 2
Okuyasu Nijimura (JJBA Supplement) 17
Rohan Kishibe (JJBA Supplement) 14
Shigekiyo Yangu (JJBA Supplement) 13
Shizuka Joestar (JJBA Supplement) 1/4
Tama (JJBA Supplement) 9
Tamami Kobayashi (JJBA Supplement) 3
Terunosuke Miyamoto (JJBA Supplement) 11
Tonio Trussardi (JJBA Supplement) 2
Toshikazu Hazamada (JJBA Supplement) 10
Toyohiro Kanedaichi (JJBA Supplement) 9
Yoshihiro Kira (JJBA Supplement) 1/2
Yoshikage Kira (JJBA Supplement) 17
Yukako Yamagishi (JJBA Supplement) 12
Yuya Fungami (JJBA Supplement) 15

Part 5 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Bruno Bucciarati (JJBA Supplement) 16
Carne (JJBA Supplement) 15
Cioccolata (JJBA Supplement) 16
Coco Jumbo (JJBA Supplement) 1/4
Diavolo (JJBA Supplement) 17
Formaggio (JJBA Supplement) 12
Gelato (JJBA Supplement) 5
Ghiaccio (JJBA Supplement) 15
Giorno Giovanna (JJBA Supplement) 17
Guido Mista (JJBA Supplement) 13
Illuso (JJBA Supplement) 12
Leone Abbacchio (JJBA Supplement) 11
Mario Zucchero (JJBA Supplement) 5
Melone (JJBA Supplement) 11
Narancia Ghirga (JJBA Supplement) 12
Pannacotta Fugo (JJBA Supplement) 15
Pesci (JJBA Supplement) 9
Polpo (JJBA Supplement) 10
Prosciutto (JJBA Supplement) 14
Risotto Nero (JJBA Supplement) 16
Sale (JJBA Supplement) 11
Scolippi (JJBA Supplement) 5
Secco (JJBA Supplement) 14
Sorbet (JJBA Supplement) 5
Squalo (JJBA Supplement) 5
Tiziano (JJBA Supplement) 5
Trish Una (JJBA Supplement) 14
Vinegar Doppio (JJBA Supplement) 16

Part 6 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
D an G (JJBA Supplement) 7
Donatello Versus (JJBA Supplement) 5
Emporio Alnino (JJBA Supplement) 5
Enrico Pucci (JJBA Supplement) 17
Ermes Costello (JJBA Supplement) 14
Foo Fighters (JJBA Supplement) 13
Green Baby (JJBA Supplement) 17
Guccio (JJBA Supplement) 3
Gwess (JJBA Supplement) 12
Johngalli A. (JJBA Supplement) 5
Jolyne Cujoh (JJBA Supplement) 17
Jotaro Kujo, Part 6 (JJBA Supplement) 16
Kenzou (JJBA Supplement) 6
Lang Rangler (JJBA Supplement) 13
Miraschan (JJBA Supplement) 11
Miuccia Miuller (JJBA Supplement) 7
Narciso Anasui (JJBA Supplement) 14
Rikiel (JJBA Supplement) 10
Sports Maxx (JJBA Supplement) 7
Thunder McQueen (JJBA Supplement) 3
Ungalo (JJBA Supplement) 12
Vivianno Westwood (JJBA Supplement) 4
Weather Report (JJBA Supplement) 16

Part 7 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Andre Boomboom (JJBA Supplement) 3
Axl RO (JJBA Supplement) 11
Benjamin Boomboom (JJBA Supplement) 3
Blackmore (JJBA Supplement) 4
D-I-S-C-O (JJBA Supplement) 15
Diego Brando (JJBA Supplement) 15
Diego Brando, the World (JJBA Supplement) 16
Dr. Ferdinand (JJBA Supplement) 11
Eleven Men (JJBA Supplement) 2
Funny Valentine (JJBA Supplement) 17
Gyro Zeppeli (JJBA Supplement) 10
Hot Pants (JJBA Supplement) 8
Johnny Joestar (JJBA Supplement) 17
L.A. Boomboom (JJBA Supplement) 3
Magenta Magenta (JJBA Supplement) 4
Mike O. (JJBA Supplement) 11
Mountain Tim (JJBA Supplement) 4
Oyecomova (JJBA Supplement) 3
Pocoloco (JJBA Supplement) 3
Pork Pie Hat Kid (JJBA Supplement) 2
Ringo Roadagain (JJBA Supplement) 6
Soundman (JJBA Supplement) 6
Wekapipo (JJBA Supplement) 7

Part 8 Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Josefumi Kujo (JJBA Supplement) 15
Josuke Higashikata, Part 8 (JJBA Supplement) 17
Rai Mamezuku (JJBA Supplement) 16
Yasuho Hirose (JJBA Supplement) 14
Yoshikage Kira, Part 8 (JJBA Supplement) 15

Miscellaneous Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Ikuro Hashizawa (JJBA Supplement) 15

OC Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Billie Ray (JJBA Supplement) 4
Cyborg Commando (JJBA Supplement) 9
Cyborg Demolitionist (JJBA Supplement) 8
Cyborg Ranger (JJBA Supplement) 6
Cyborg Sniper (JJBA Supplement) 7
Joel Joestar (JJBA Supplement) 16
Rocks Anne (JJBA Supplement) 3
Rokku Jishokua (JJBA Supplement) 14

Hellsing Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Alexander Anderson (JJBA Supplement) 15
Alexander Anderson, Helena's Nail (JJBA Supplement) 17
Alucard (JJBA Supplement) 17
Heinkel Wolfe (JJBA Supplement) 14
Integra Hellsing (JJBA Supplement) 8
Jan Valentine (JJBA Supplement) 8
Luke Valentine (JJBA Supplement) 8
Rip Van Winkle (JJBA Supplement) 12
Schrödinger (JJBA Supplement) 6
Seras Victoria (JJBA Supplement) 16
The Captain (JJBA Supplement) 16
The Major (JJBA Supplement) 5
Tubalcain Alhambra (JJBA Supplement) 12
Walter C. Dornez (JJBA Supplement) 16
Yumiko Takagi (JJBA Supplement) 14
Zorin Blitz (JJBA Supplement) 14

Unassigned Creatures[edit]

Name CR

WIP Creatures[edit]

Name CR

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